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Looking to upgrade your WiFiRanger?


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If you're an owner of a WiFiRanger product and are looking to upgrade to one of the new "WiFiRanger AC" routers, there is a customer appreciation sale going on through the end of January. You can get 25% off your purchase using the coupon code WFRAC25.


You will also need to enter the 6-digit ID number of your current WiFiRanger product in the Comments field of the order form. As far as I can tell, there's no restriction on how old the product is or what model, so if you have one of the old "black" systems in the drawer, even if it doesn't work, you can use its ID number for the purposes of this sale. The ID number for these older units will all begin with "77".


I'm posting this for information only; I get no personal benefit from people taking advantage of this offer.


Joel (AKA docj)

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I started as an early adopter with WFR, cycled through a lot of test gear, finally settled on a WiFiRanger (white box, looks just like a Go) with a Bullet external WFRBoost. It all still works OK. What would I gain by spending a bunch of money and getting an Elite AC pack? Considering that what I have appears to be working well...


== John

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The new hardware is 802.11ac compliant and has dual band (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz) capability. Plus, the processors in the routers are several generations faster than what you have and the extra RAM in the routers makes them more stable when running the 7.0.5 firmware.


The bottom line for the user is that throughput is considerably enhanced. For example, I'm using just a GoAC at the moment and when it is connected to my phone's hotspot I can achieve throughputs as high as 80-90% of the download speed through the Ranger compared with connecting directly to the hotspot. That's a lot better than any of the earlier hardware is capable of.


Obviously, if what you have suits your needs you have no compelling reason to change. I did say in my announcement that the older routers will not be supported by the "8.0" firmware version which will be released later this year. This is the firmware that will have the features that Technomadia reported about in their recent recap of WiFiRanger's announcement. Essentially, you can use your current hardware for as long as you wish, there simply will be no further firmware updates for it.



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Well contrary to what I had planned to do, I did just jump in an order the EliteAC FM.


My daughter who lives in an apartment we have over the garage on our rental home, which is next door to our vacation home, was having consistent problems stay connected to our vacation homes TWC WiFi. (It's a distance and multiple walls and floors thing. Her wife brought home a Roku 3 that a friend gave her, and the want to stream.


I probably could have just bought other gear for their place, but I tested the download speeds I was getting in our RV, which is parked just to the side and below where the apartment is, and with the WiFi Range GO2 and older Mobile Bullet antenna, I was seeing 12-15Mpbs.


With the 25% discount, and us having 802.11AC devices in our coach, seemed like a good time to make the jump. I'll set up the GO2 and add the external Mobile Bullet antenna if needed.


So we'll all get a bump up in WiFi, and other, capabilities.


Best to all,


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