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Pump-out service now available for Tucson Escapade!

Kirk W

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The 2017 Escapade will be offering a pump-out service for boondockers. The Escapees RV Club has contracted with a local pumper truck service to offer pump-out service to attendees that have signed up for boondocking. The pump-out fee is $35 per pump out. You can pre-register and pay in advance by calling Livingston, or you can register at Escapade to get on the list. You must register and pay at least 24 hours in advance if you want this service. Pump-outs are limited. The pumping service is limited to approximately 70 pump-outs per day and 150 are already scheduled. Available days are Monday thru Thursday only and there is current availability for all days at this time. There is a free dump station on site and all attendees are encouraged to arrive with empty holding tanks and a full fresh water tank.

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