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Military Campground Pictures & Stories

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We have traveled in all 48 connecting states. Being retired military we often used military campgrounds whenever it was convenient.

Because the subject pops up in forums from time to time I thought I would share some pictures and stories about the military campgrounds we have used.

I’ll try to add a few new posts every week until I run out. If you all have like experiences please add them to the list.

You can also find a lot of my pictures on this link - (http://www.militarycampgrounds.us/) - which has all the information necessary to make a decision about staying at any of the CGs around the country.

The USAF calls their campgrounds FAMCAMPS. The other services refer to them as RV Parks & Campgrounds. Sometimes when there are other recreational facilities within a compound it’s referred to as so and so recreational facility.


When we sold everything and went full time RVING we lived in Jacksonville, FL. So our very first parking site was at NAS Jacksonville, FL. We stayed two weeks to complete the sale of our house.

This is site # 46 right after a heavy rain storm.

We returned to NAS Jacksonville whenever we were in the area. Which was often, because our grandchildren live in Jacksonville.
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Smith Lake Army RV Park - Fort Bragg/Fayetteville, NC.

My two brothers lived at Fayetteville, NC when we made our only stop at this RV Park. It’s off base and the lake is large enough to hold some good sized Bass.

A new section of the RV park had recently been completed when we stayed there and the grounds were a mess. Red clay everywhere. We had planned on staying two weeks but left after 5 days because we couldn’t keep the red clay out of the trailer.

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Ellsworth AFB FamCamp

We called ahead and made reservations at this FAMCAMP. The sites are large but mostly back-ins. The AFB is actually in Box Elder, SD and just off the interstate. We had to enter thru the commercial gate.

The great advantage you get when staying at this CG is the availability of guided tours to all the attractions. The base MWR has a fleet of passenger vans and run tours from the FAMCAMP office daily. Leave the driving to them and become a shutter bug.

It was so hot on the day we checked-in (105) the rabbits were following the trailer around while I was parking it so they could stay in the shade.

There is a huge South Dakota Air & Space Museum just outside the main gate. Well worth the time to explore.

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Camp Blanding National Guard Post, Starke, FL

James E. Johnson Memorial RV Park is listed as being at Starke, FL but is actually about 7 miles east of Starke on FL highway 16.

Civilians are allowed to stay there for up to 21 days by going to the park office and obtaining an associate membership card.

The RV park is situated on Kingsley Lake. It is a circular, clear water lake, loaded with pan fish and Bass up 10 lbs. There is a smallish PX with RV supplies along with some basic items such as toilet paper and bread, etc.

I went out and took pictures of most of the place but forgot to get some of our rig and our friends rig. Here are some of what I did get. We stayed there for two weeks. Just long enough to get antsy. Very good rates for FHU sites and a good variety of places to eat in Starke.

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New Boston AFS, New Boston, NH

The AFS is located at 317 Chestnut Hill Rd, New Boston, NH 03070. For your basic needs you will have to travel off base. There is a Walmart about 7 miles away.

The CG has been closed a number of times because of the suspicion of unexploded ordnance on the land and in the waters. It was once used for bombing practice. When we first stayed there the lakes were off limits for fishing, swimming, boating. In other words, look but don’t touch. And then guess what. They let us stay right on one of the ponds.

A few years later when we called they were closed. Now they are open again but you have to take an on-line safety course before being allowed to camp there.

It’s a beautiful place to just rest or hike around the many paths or trails.

We travel a lot with other retirees we have known for what seems like forever. That is their rig parked with us at the pond. Our sites did not have sewer hook-ups but we could dump gray water in a ditch. There is a dump station where we often dumped our blue boys. Fire wood was abundant and each site had nice fire rings. Fresh fish from those bomb infested waters was very tasty.

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Laughlin AFB FAMCAMP, Del Rio, TX

A picture of our rig is on the cover of this web page.

When last there we had a very large corner site with privatesy fences on both sides.

Laughlin is a smallish USAF trailing base. However, it does have all amenities provided at much larger bases. The golf course is 9 holes with 18 tee boxes. PX, commissary, movie theater, and lots of outdoor equipment at the MWR for check-out.

We stayed a week and got one day free. The area is small and can be easily explored in a week. Lake Amistad is a beautiful man made clear water lake. The AFB MWR has boat rentals at an easy to find location on the lake and with a little luck you’ll catch some nice fish there.

There are lots of aircraft on display at the main gate and others like this one near the golf course and other places on base.

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Thanks for the photos and the commentary on the Famcamps! Keep up the great post.

Rex and Rose,

I 2nd that.


I would do the same thing if I were on the road.


I use Forth Cliff in MA and Carr Point in RI mostly. I will contribute following my visits this summer.

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We are at Kirtland AFB right now. $18 per night full hookups and 50 amp. We have been here numerous times in the past. Good location to stores off base and good freeway access. If you use a HDT they won't let you in the Eubank gate. You have to use the Truman gate.

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Barksdale AFB - FAMCAMP

We stayed here one time while traveling cross country with our friends in the Montana with the blue truck.

We spent a week over a Thanksgiving holiday. It started raining right after we got our rigs set-up and just kept on raining for nearly a week. The CG held up pretty good and we didn’t get waterlogged.

On the way to the CG there is an aircraft display area. Got some pictures and will post one below along with a couple of our rigs and one taken from atop our Everest. There are a few more of my pictures on display in the Military Campground link above.

On a rainy afternoon we ate thanksgiving dinner with the troops at the general mess. Food and camaraderie was great. Me and my friend each spent more than 30 years on active duty in naval aviation. The fly boys loved to hear our sea stories.

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American Legion Post #137, Jacksonville, FL

This is not a military campground but you do have to be a member of any America Legion post or have a military ID card (active or retired) or proof of being a USA Military Veteran (DD214).

The campground is gated with a pass code given to you when you check-in. The CG is located behind the club and on the Cedar Creek River which dumps into the St. Johns river about a mile away. The water is brackish. There is a paved boat launching area and floating docks. Six of the sites are FHU with 30 amps and an extra plug-in providing another 15 amps with an extension cord. There is basic cable provided and all sites can easily receive dish signals. In the pictures below our trailer is parked in site #6 (our favorite) with a nice view of the boat launching area and the river.

The two sites that back-up to the river are water & elect only. Sites 1-4 back-up to the (gated) Olympic sized pool. There is an outdoor “Tiki Bar” at the pool.

Because it’s a private club, length of stay is limited to 30 days. If you want to stay longer, you have to leave with your rig for one day. When you return another 30 day stay will start.

We usually stay there 3-4 weeks at a time (every seventh day is free) when in the Jacksonville area. When on 30 amps for that long we switch our refrigerator & water heater over to propane so the A/C wont kick-off. We do a lot of cooking outside so we use the extra 15 amp connection for hot plates and such. A good 15 amp extension cord is recommended.

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Fort Bliss RV Park, El Paso, TX

Very modern RV park situated off base with a BX convenient store.

For directions and other particulars read the info in the link provided below.

A very short drive across the highway there is a 27 hole military golf course. Of course Fort Bliss is a very large military base with numerous entrance gates. On base facilities provide just about everything any MWR has to offer.

We have stayed at the RV park numerous times. The directions in the link provided are very good. We like to use the picturesque highway 375 with its pink to reddish highways and great pull-offs.

The RV park only accepts first-come, first-served patrons. It’s tricky. They WILL NOT pencil anyone in. You have to show-up and take what they have. No overflow. When we know we will be in the area we try to arrive sometime before 10 AM. We start calling about an hour out to inquire about check-outs and the possibility of getting a site. When we do get a site we always stay a week or two. You’ll not run out of things to do in the El Paso area.

In the past we’ve been really lucky getting parked and have gotten corner sites three times. Our trailer is 38”

Here are a few pictures. The link also has pictures of some of our parking sites.

Note: Be careful, I’ve see two rigs destroy their tires on the curbing. The office has a big note on the board warning about them.

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