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2017 Lil Snoozy

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Last year, I put a $10,000 deposit on a Lil Snoozy which I planned to have customized into a mobile law office which I could pull behind my truck to serve elderly clients who can no longer drive. I have since purchased a Winnebago ERA 70X which will suit my needs better.

My spot on the waiting list for getting the next Lil Snoozy is very close to the top.

If anyone wants to take over my spot, I will arrange to assign my contract to you. You will then post a $10,000 deposit directly with the company that makes the Lil Snoozy. Once your deposit is posted, the company will refund my $10,000 deposit to me and substitute your name for mine on the contract.

By doing this in advance of the actual build, you will be able to customize the camper to suit your desires. There are several add-ons that you might be interested in considering.

The company website is www. lilsnoozy.com.

You can contact me as follows: Charles M. Watson Jr., Attorney at Law, 120 Meadowbrook Dr., Greenwood SC 29649. Call (EiGht,, siX, , fOUr) 229+++2829. My email is mr.chuck.watson [(at)] g---mail.com.

Thanks, Chuck.

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