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Antifreeze Found In Oil Sample - Where From?


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In an analysis of engine oil antifreeze showed up specifically Sodium rating of 77. This was flagged by the testing facility and Potassium was also somewhat high at 47 rating. Specifics of the engine:


2007 International 9400i

725,000 miles - Hours 19,592

Cummins ISX 12L


Are there places I can look for this leak prior to making an offer to purchase this truck to understand what I am getting into?

1. Head gasket est to fix $2500

2. EGR cooler leak $2500 to $3000

3. Liner(s) cracked - run awaySample_Results 9400i.PDF

4. Other _________?



The truck is local to my area, other items inspected are fixable like batteries and radiator but the engine oil issue could be a show stopper. Your advise is very welcomed.



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About 15,000 miles on the oil, unsure what the seller was running most likely Shell and again most likely no additives. I did already contact International for service history and as many of you know only warranty history will be reported nation wide. Independent dealers do not report in the same method.


Most folks say it is going to be the cooler and the cost is estimated to be around $2,000 to $3000 plus. Please correct me here so I know what I am getting into. Fix the problem and then run the engine and then re-test the oil and prey this fixes the problem!


Again, I have not purchased the truck yet but have spent money on testing with International and the oil test, money well spent.


Now what??


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You might want to remove the valve cover and check on the condition of the cams.... will give you a good look at the how the engine was maintained. These engines are known for soot build up. Oil changes are very important!

Have you had the dealer " download" the ECM file?

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Antifreeze in the oil........ Let's flip the scenario. If the injector cups or an injector itself is leaking you will most likely have oil in the antifreeze as well. Leaking injector cups will also allow diesel fuel to mix into the antifreeze. You can check by smell or take a small sample of antifreeze and put a few drops on a piece of white paper. Let it absorb and evaporate, there should be nothing left behind other than discoloration. If oil or diesel is getting into the antifreeze it should be evident on the paper test spot. Now, I have a Volvo engine - not identical to what you are looking at but the injector cooling and oil in the top end is basically the same. A small amount of antifreeze was also migrating into the crankcase which Blackstone ID'ed. When I discovered oil in the antifreeze it was determined I needed new injector cups. $2,500 later I thought all was fixed. But, no no. The oil in the antifreeze had damaged the inside of the coolant hoses and expansion tank. I replaced those items myself to the tune of almost $400. Personally, I would not take a chance on the truck with antifreeze in the oil because the fluids can easily mix elsewhere. If so, the situation becomes an avalanche as so many other parts of the system can be damaged. Test the antifreeze and fuel as well - that will tell you a lot more about the migration of antifreeze. Like Rocky said, either walk away or have them locate and fix the issue before you buy the truck.

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I am very impressed with the advise I am getting here on this fine Sunday. At this point I think I am going to be far ahead by walking away. The number of items needing repairs up front and then those hidden items relating to the antifreeze just could be too much for my pocket book to over come.


I did not request the ECM to be read from the International dealer but will ask him if they did this just in case. I will share details if they have them. Just when I thought I was doing all of the right things when purchasing a truck I learn another trick. I have noticed very few if any trucks posted for sale lately on the site, is this common for January?


Many thanks to all of you folks that have taken the time to post responses to my questions.


My future HDT requirements to put my slide-in camper Arctic Fox 11'6' on the deck and pull a trailer with sleds.

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Sounds like a cool rig, keep us posted. You don't say what is driving your choice of truck- is it price point, preference for a MFR or what? You might want to visit Mark Bruss' site and his decision to go HDT. I have always been a Pete owner & fan, but for the purposes we use these trucks for, the Volvo VNL has a lot going for it. If you are close to a rally, go & socialize. Good luck!

BTW, what kind of "sleds" ?

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My sleds: 1. 2009 Yamaha Nytro 153" track TURBO 180 h.p. with many other mod's and fun to ride. Wife rides a 2013 Ski Doo 800R Summit X 154" stock she can follow me all over the mountain.


Trucks I have researched:

  1. Ken Worth T2000 yr 2000 8 bag suspension; truck was not in good shape
  2. A few Volvo 780's I like these maybe too many miles
  3. Freight liner 120 great truck if someone is looking for one. One owner and the gentleman passed, has 70k miles with great custom deck. $40,000 like new in Fort Collins.
  4. International 9400i 2007 nice truck, inspection issues: antifreeze in oil, needs a radiator, batteries shot $20k

I need a truck with a large deck about 15' in order to put a slide in camper on the deck and then pull the sleds. In stead of spending $7,000 on frame rail extensions I am going to look for a HDT class 8 that is a Expeditor style truck with a box and then take the box off. Anyone have some ideas?


So my price range started around $20,000 and now is going up because I don't want to purchase problems.

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Have you checked out https://www.expeditersonline.com/trucks-for-sale/listings.php ?


At your price range you'll likely find a bunch of class 6/class 7 trucks. The expediters didn't start using class 8 trucks until recently and those still seem to have a pretty high price on them.


It might be good to call Fyda Freightliner. They specialized in the expediter market.





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Hey Jeffw I have been watching WWW.expeditor and found a Volvo class 8 with a 10 speed manual, best deal to date it has a 22 foot box that can be sold. This gets me the 300" plus wheel base I am looking for. Located in TX, oh well. I am going to start another topic on the transmission; come read and post.

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