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Home type HD antenna on MH

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I hate having to hand turn the Bat Wing antenna on my camper. The crank is in the bedroom and the TV is in the living area.....can't see TV while turning antenna.


Has anyone installed one of these house type antennas on the batwing mount.


Looks like the remote rotator is powered by a wall wart...Hopefully 12V


From the location of the TV you could remotely rotate the antenna....NICE


Anyone done this?





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Wouldn't that cause some height issues when going down the road? Doesn't look like it can collapse or fold. It seems like a winegard rayzar or similar would be a better choice.



I don't have direct experience with them, but my new trailer is coming with one and I am hopeful it lives up to the billing. It is definitely a more expensive option, but seems like it would solve the problems you describe and it is purpose built for the RV.

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There is no way you will ever get 150 mile range on any tv antenna so their hype tells you what to expect. Get a Sensar Pro amplifier for your batwing and use the sound feature to tell you when the antenna is pointed for best reception. You can be anywhere and hear the signal. The batwing is the best antenna for OTA signals you can use in your RV. Chuck

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So...UPS works on Sunday! They just delivered my antenna as noted above.


I have no idea how they can makes something like this, package it, ship it, wholesale and retail all the way to Massachusetts and deliver it on Sunday for $35!!!


The quality is rather good. Very high torque motor that auto reverses if you go to far. Very smooth operation.


The power supply said 15-18V so I ried hooking it up to a battery and nothing......I checked the voltage on the power supply and got nothing. Then it dawned on me....It said 15-18V "AC"...The power supply is AC..UGH! that means I'll need to use a small inverter to boondock. I have a 100w inverter in my junk box that I hooked up and it works fine with that.


We now have 17" of snow on the roof of the trailer so testing against the Bat Wing will need to wait. In the meantime I'm testing it against a RCA set top amplified HD antenna that I use in my second floor office. Works great as I get about 20 channels from Boston (53 miles away) and Providence RI (35 miles away). BTW...On the Batwing on the trailer in my yards I get 32 channels from the same cities.


Stay tuned for a complete review for either a BatWing replacement of simply if you want to "Cut The Cord" at home......


Findings will be posted on my web site www.rvbprecision.com

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Well...Not so good. But the vendor refunded my $$ and told me to keep the antenna!


Here is an email thread going back and forth that explains the whole deal. (Read from bottom up)


Dear Roy,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention,

I just issued your refund,

You do NOT need to return it, as we don't to cause any additional inconvenience.


Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

Take care




Jacob S.

Customer Service



On Thu, Jan 12, 2017 at 9:48 AM, Roy V Bertalotto - Amazon Marketplace < [e-mail address removed] > wrote:



No matter how the buttons are pressed and held, there is no rhyme or reason as to what way the antenna turns. This will be a totally unworkable solution once the antenna is on the roof and out of site.


But a bigger issue is the antenna turns too quickly. From my hose I have Providence RI at 36miles away and Boston Massachusetts at 50 miles away. When I manually point the antenna at a station the reception is fantastic. But you can not "fine tune" the direction. A quick touch of the button and the antenna turns too far. Very little rotation is needed to be off by miles at the other end of a 50 mile distance.


Interesting product, and for $35, not sure I expected more.....


To improve it, slow the rotation WAY down and redesign the buttons so they only do "Left" or "Right" rotation and not whatever they feel like doing.





From: "Super Deal - Amazon Marketplace" <[e-mail address removed]>
To: [e-mail address removed]
Sent: Monday, January 9, 2017 11:39:32 AM
Subject: Re: Product details inquiry from Amazon customer Roy V Bertalotto (Order: 108-3468601-0059432)


Please press and hold the right button to see which way it turns for you.


Then press the right button twice and hold it the second time to see which way it turns for you.


Let us know how it goes.



On Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 2:15 PM, Roy V Bertalotto - Amazon Marketplace < [e-mail address removed] > wrote:

Order ID 108-3468601-0059432:
1 of ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna - 150 Miles Range - 360° Rotation - Wireless Remote [ASIN: B017JEF126]

------------- Begin message -------------

I received my ViewTV HD antenna today. Since we have 17" of snow outside I didn't think it was a good idea to climb up on the roof! I have it set up in my office and comparing it to an RCA amplified HD set top antenna this thing is amazing! I get 20 channels with the RCA and 32 with the ViewTV! But I don't like the fact that the two button remote control seems to turn the antenna right or left indiscriminately no matter what button I press. If going left and I just want to job it a bit, I touch the left button and it may go left but half the time it goes right. Same thing for the other button. Once it is mounted outside this will be a real issue as you have no way of knowing what direction the antenna is turning. Is there a solution to this?
Roy Bertalotto, Dartmouth, MA [e-mail address removed]


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