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Question for moderators

Brad & Jacolyn

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Hey Brad

Not a Moderator but will try to help with a couple of options for you to check.

Go to the top right side of the page where your name is and click the down arrow.

Choose My Settings then you will see some tabs on the left side of the page.

Choose Notification Options and you will see a list of things that should notify you when they occur.

About half way down the list is the section regarding Private messages.


Below the Notification Options is another tab that should tell what notifications have been sent so you can see if what you expected was in fact sent and somehow it never got to you.


If it never got to you then...

Also, you may want to check the Email tab (further up in the tab list) in My Settings to make sure the email you have recorded is what you want.

Finally, you may need to check your email spam setting to see if the emails from escapees may now be getting blocked. Spam settings for email servers are always changing and sometimes good emails get caught. You may need to whitelist (make OK to the email server) the domain for escapees.

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I'm know this is the wrong place to report this but I can't find the report button that was mentioned somewhere else. Has something in the systems changed lately? I used to get an email when someone sent me a message on the forum. This has stopped. Just wondering.




The button appears next to the QUOTE buttons when you float your cursor over the post you intend reporting .

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I think the report link/feature is primarily to report to admins/moderators a specific post that is suspected as being questionable in some way.

To ask a question about how the forum works or some feature of the forum would probably best be done by clicking the black "Start a New Topic" button at the top right portion of the page in the "About the Discussion Forums" category.

The way to see all the discussion categories is to click the Forums tab at the top left on each page.

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Like Trey had correctly posted, go thru that exercise and see what it checked.


I just noticed a new private message up on the top line, that was sent almost two hours ago! No notification like in the past!


So I went into my settings section and there just might be new box on the left hand side under Private Messages that needs to be checked. I had all the boxes on the right hand side checked, but that box wasn't checked.


Sending you a private message to see if it works on your side, then please reply to me to see if checking that box makes a difference.

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I found a box on the left top under Private messages and checked that. Rocky sent me a message and it did not send me a email but as soon as I got onto the forum and popped a new box on the screen telling me I have a message. Since I'm on the forum every day I can live with that.



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The other thing it doesn't do is send you an email of a certain thread that you wanted to follow.

Their system is not functioning right, just like my website currently, and I'm going to try and contact "powers that be" to inform them of the change.

Just checked Angie's comment at the top of our HDT section and it says to do this:

"Hey there!

I need a favor, please. If you have questions or troubles with the forum, please ues the REPORT feature. This way, we can better share the load amongst the admins.



Maybe I should report myself. But I think Brad already reported himself!

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Below is copied from last item on the Help Topics for the forum. Link to list of Moderators to email them or PM them



Contacting the moderating team

If you need to contact a moderator or simply wish to view the complete administration team, you can click the link 'The moderating team' found at the bottom of the main board page (the first page you see when visiting the board), or from 'My Assistant'.) click the logo in the top left of any page to go to the Main Board Page

This list will show you administrators (those who have administration control panel access), global moderators (those who can moderate in all forums) and the moderators of the individual forums.

If you wish to contact someone about your member account, then contact an administrator - if you wish to contact someone about a post or topic, contact either a global moderator or the forum moderator.

Reporting a post

If the administrator has enabled this function on the board, you'll see a 'Report' button in a post, next to the 'Quote' button. This function will let you report the post to the forum moderator (or the administrator(s), if there isn't a specific moderator available). You can use this function when you think the moderator(s) should be aware of the existance of that post. However, do not use this to chat with the moderator(s)!. You can use the email function or the Personal Messenger function for that.

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