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It’s begun: Internet providers are pushing to repeal Obama-era privacy rules


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This came in today and it is a privacy issue not a political one. Write your representatives if you think that like real mail, it should also be against the law for any Internet Provider to open email and read them. I am writing my reps and my internet provider Suddenlink, who I doubt will give a hoot because they also have a monopoly here because no rules insuring competition have been passed to date. If you think your provider should be able to read all your mail and track you everywhere you go on the Internet, then just write them and tell them that your poor embattled internet provider is being assailed on all sides by no competition and has to adhere to no regulations on how far they can pry into our lives for profit. Perhaps they could ask our permission and as a reward give us our Broadband service for free.





"Information such as your Web browsing history, your geolocation logs and even the content of your emails offer service providers a rich source of potential advertising revenue. That data, along with your health and financial information, can also be sold to marketers and data brokers interested in building a profile of you as a consumer. The FCC's rules restricted Internet providers' ability to use and share this information, in what privacy advocates hailed as a historic victory.


“Nothing in this election changed Americans' fundamental rights, or their need for privacy,” said Matt Wood, policy director for Free Press, an advocacy organization.


Simply stated and the rest of it is here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2017/01/04/its-begun-cable-companies-are-pushing-to-repeal-obama-era-internet-privacy-rules/?utm_term=.8ef61897e40f&wpisrc=nl_tech&wpmm=1

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