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Florida Keys


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We always stayed at Knight's Key on Marathon in the past. By far our favorite. Not making it this year due to health issues. It was always a great place to stay, unfortunately this is their last season and will close in May to be replaced by condos. But in the meantime, call and talk to Randy or Deb in the office, they are great folks who live and work in the campground. Tell them Dave and Sue from Ohio sent you, and tell them we will miss them. They have spaces of all sizes, some will take the truck and trailer, some you would have to park off site, but there is plenty of parking handy inside the campground. Also harbor sites if you have a boat. Right at the north end of the 7 mile bridge, walking distance to the sunset grill, and everything you need is right in Marathon.

http://www.knightskeyrvresortandmarina.com/ and you can also search them on facebook for more pics.


Our second favorite is Geiger Key Fish Camp on, you guessed it, Geiger Key. Ten minute ride out of Key West, and off the beaten path. GREAT restaurant and bar onsite (we always eat there when we go to the keys whether we stay there or not). Not a lot of spaces, but all will take a big trailer, we had our 40' fifth wheel in there, and there were several pusher diesel big rigs. Something that long will be easier to back in off the street through the gate and swing into your space. May need to wiggle a little, but doable. You will have to park the truck outside the gate, room for a dually by the camper but not an hdt. All the spaces back onto a beautiful brick seawall on a channel with views of mangroves and open ocean. About half have your own personal tiki hut, but those may cut down on the overall length. Pricey but worth it.


When we were down last year we looked a few other places to stay since we knew Knight's Key was going away. Randy & Deb recommended Fiesta Key which is further north in Layton. We checked it out, some areas of the part are VERY tight as in we saw big rigs parked with slideouts staggered so they would fit next to each other, but other areas have larger and pull through spaces. Very nice beach, pool, bar & grill on site. But it is a pretty good drive to anywhere.


None of the other camprgrounds on Marathon would fit a big rig. Also be careful in Marthon and Big Pine, a lot of "rv parks" are really trailer parks with a few vacant lots they rent to campers. Nothing against trailer parks, just not where I want to go on vacation.


Sunshine Key RV Resort is just on the south end of the 7 mile bridge. Basically all gravel spaces, not many with trees or any shade. But they do look to have larger spaces. I know there was a black hdt/fifth rig in there last year that was parked with the truck pulled ahead of the trailer in the same space. You have a 7 mile ride (across the bridge) to get to anything at all.


Blue Water RV resort is definitely the nicest, and priciest, and many of their spaces will take a 40' trailer and park beside it. I think around mm17. Out of our budget but very nice.


Big Pine Key Fishing lodge has a 35' limit and does not accept pets period because they are in the key deer preserve.


Leo's on Stock Island is way too small to get into.


Boyd's on Stock Island has all size spaces. Never stayed there, rode through, nice but seemed pricey for what it is, but you are a mile from Key West, location location location.


The KOA on Sugarloaf key has all size spaces, another gravel lot like Ohio Key, and like most KOA's seems pricey for what you get. Some services on nearby islands, but you will drive to Big Pine or Key West for a grocery store. Checked it out, but did not stay there.


We never looked at anything farther north like Islamorada or Key Largo as we like the lower keys better.

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Spindrift We were in the Keys in early Oct and stayed at Bluewater Keys RV Resort (MM 14 1/2). We were there just before the rates went up . They go up on the 15th of Oct. Spent a week there and loved every minute. It is pricey but that was our first time down there and we wanted to be sure we had a good location/accommodations and we did. Each site has its own Teki Hut and pier and floating dock. Wish we had a boat with us but we saw the light and sold the boat and went the 5er route. Weather doesn't affect us. The sights vary in size but our 43' Mesa Ridge and 610 Volvo and a car had no trouble parking on our site. Next trip will probably stay on the base (retired Navy) but avb there depends on the time of year. We drove through Boyds and that could also be a possible stay place next time down there. Just the run down the Keys was worth the haul. Hope this helps. Will you be at the ECR? Be safe and have a Happy New Year! Pat



The Old Sailor

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One more helpful hint on going to the keys:


You want to hit the top of the keys early in the morning, long ride down to key west, you will average 45mph, and there are very few places a truck/trailer that size can pull over to stop for what ever. Once you drop the trailer, you can get around, no problem.


What we do is stop for the night at the Miccosukee Casino on the way down.


It is right on the edge of the everglades outside Miami. They allow RV overnight parking in the lot (dry camping), just register with security when you arrive and they will give you a paper for the window. Casino is nothing special, but we throw a couple of bucks in the slots and eat at the buffet in exchange for the free parking. At that point you are an easy 30 minute drive with no traffic from Florida City and the gateway to the keys. You will pass a ton of farms and farm markets on the way, stop and load up on produce for your stay as everything is expensive in the keys.


Enjoy! Stop and eat at Burdine's for us.

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Everyone...thank you for all of the suggestions. It has been almost 20 years since we were last down there and I'm sure things have changed just a bit.


Pat - We just spent a little time in Virginia Beach at the Little Creek JEB Campground (our son is Navy) and it was completely full. I can imagine it's tough getting a spot at Sigsbee, assuming that's what you're thinking. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that we'll be at the ECR. My DW and I haven't yet found common ground on this issue of a Big Truck.

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Be aware about BlueWater Key is that some lots are owned by the corporation and others by the owners. Believe the .com site is the owners.





Just something to keep in mind if you decided to stay there. More options.


Should I be concerned about renting from one group versus the other? Your "be aware" sounds rather ominous.

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No, we have used both and was treated really well by both. It's just that if you want a particular lot after looking at the map, the one site may say it's not available instead of you need to contact the others. We are looking to stay at lot 40 via the .com site possibly next year. Pricey but very very nice and at the end of the canal.

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That is the same with our research. Bluewater is a condominium. Some lots are owned by the campground but most are owned by individuals. Just like a condo tower, some you can rent direct from each individual owner, and some owners let the campground handle the rentals for them. Several years ago we spoke to an outside real estate agent than managed several lots for individual owners. I think that is one of the two sites listed above. At the time our trailer did not meet their minimum standards so we stayed elsewhere. We had a smaller toyhauler then, and did not meet the minimum 24' living area they had at the time.


And hey, for a cool $349k - $1.2m you can own your own lot there!

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We would definitely come back to Bluewater Key. 3 years would be a charm, right? :rolleyes:


As seniramsU stated, we'd like to rent out lot #40 (HDT friendly). I believe this is the first year the owners decided to rent their spot. Updated space along with a hot tub!


In previous years, we camped at:

Site #72, $115 per night in 2015. This site was smaller tiki hut, didn't have all the amenities (fridge, sink, etc) and your parked closer to your neighbors. (Bluewaterkey.com)


Site #81, $150 per night in 2016. This spot was amazing, very spacious! It was purchased by new owners and in our opinion, it needed updates (counters falling apart, tv did not work, etc). We snorkeled a lot off our dock and I caught several fishes to include a shark. :-D (Bluewaterkey.net)


Images of site #72 and site #81


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