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Hello from Central Texas, we are a family of 5 (40, 38, 9, 7, 6) and two dogs that are planning to sell everything and spend a year or more Fulltiming across the nation. The goal will be to travel the nation and see where we want to end up. I'm retired Army so we've seen a lot but not all. We currently live on ten acres in a 2600 square foot house, I think ultimately we'd like more land and less house.


We've owned and camped in pop-ups for a number of years but currently don't own a camper of any type. Depending on where the finances land after some more review we're considering buying a 4-6 year old 5th wheel and a 2-3 year old 3500 DRW, long bed Crew cab. I've currently got a '06 Ram 2500 but it's got 230,000 miles on the clock and I'd like a little more capable truck if we're going to do a 5th wheel bunkhouse.


I'm off to read and learn but am always willing to listen to advice from others.

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! It is great to have you & the family join us. We will do all possible to help you as you move ahead with this. I'd start by studying the weight limits and ratings of potential trucks and the available RVs. If you have not done so, read a book or two about the RV lifestyle to get a feel for what you need to do in your move and what choices you have to deal with them. Since you are already a TX resident, you may find it a good ideal to join the Escapees RV Club and make that your domicile address as well as enabling you to take advantage of their other services.


Please feel free to join into any discussion on the forums and to post as many inquiries as serve your needs!

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I would also like to welcome you and your beautiful family aboard!! We have been living in our RV for almost 3 years and traveling during the summer months when we are off (both teachers)preparing to go full time when we retire...you have found one of the best sites available to learn just about anything you need to know about RV'ing. My advice for you would be to go through the topics on this site (that will keep you busy for a while) read as much as possible and ask as many questions as you can think of. There is a wealth of knowledge on this board, folks who have been full timing for many years, and can help you with just about any decision you have to make. Good luck and don't be shy about asking!!

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Welcome aboard! I assume you're planning on home schooling the kids during this adventure (if you're not, already). We have met several full-timing families with children ranging from preschool to selecting colleges. Perhaps it's because of the type of person/parent that makes the decision to do things this way, but every single one of these families we've met were impressive and doing an awesome job of raising and educating their kids. My hat is off to you.


Kirk's advice about joining the Escapees RV Club is sound advice. Since you're already Texans, the Escapees mail service and domicile would seem to make sense. The information on the Escapees web site and the advice from the members of the forum were indispensable to us as we were working up to launching.


Good luck!



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Hello Army and welcome to the forum. Like you we also are retired army and live in central Texas, we also sold everything last year and started our adventure. You will find lots of info here and most will be on point and some want. I would recommend going over to the HDT forum and the HDT resource guide and do some reading before you make the decision on what truck to buy especially with three children you will want safety and comfort. A HDT will give you both at a lot better price then a new pickup which will give you more to spend on your RV.



US Army Infantry 1985-2009 retired....

101, 1st IDF, 10th Mtn

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Welcome to the Forum an to Your Future . Great when the whole family get's onboard with the idea. I was army 74-77. RVing, Camping Brings a whole new meaning to life. But with a cost. Get by that an it's like xmas every day. Just have to plan it all out. an don't forget to have things to keep the little one's occupied . They get bored so easily. Enjoy .

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Thanks all for the advice so far, we looked at the HDT but opted out of it. It would really limit our sightseeing opportunities. We are doing this with one vehicle and want to be able to get around a little easier than we could in an HDT. We thought about a Class A or Bus Conversion but that came back to then having to pull a second vehicle. We ended up going with a Ram 3500 and will 5th wheel shop accordingly. I understand that the 3500 series may be a little outgunned for some of the bigger 5er's but from what I've been able to research it will certainly get us into a decent sized rig. Ended up going with the Dodge since I had an '06 2500 with 230K that I was really happy with it and the back seat size.


My wife and I just hit 20 years on the 4th and are going to celebrate that occasion on this Friday. We're going to go to CrestviewRV in Georgetown and start getting a feel for 5er's. We won't be buying new but we want to start seeing what we want and what we don't. We know we want a bunkhouse with at least three separate beds. We know we want an insulated and heated underbelly, and I'm pretty sure we want a 50amp rig for the second A/C.


The new truck:


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I think the truck should work out pretty well, particularly if you got the Cummins diesel version, and I believe that I see the diesel emblem on the truck. Looking at the specs for that truck, I believe that you should have ample towing ability for the trailers that you are looking at. I'd say that you are off to a good start so keep us posted as you progress. Perhaps one day we will meet out there on the road.


PS: I bought a used 2003 Dodge/Cummins 2500 with about 100k miles and we are very happy with it.

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