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East Coast Rally Registration is Open


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You may now register for the ECR by two methods, electronically or mail. David Dixon has done a wonderful job setting up the site. Please scroll down the site to read all the instructions. If you wish to order t shirts, sweat shirts will not be available this year as I had to change vendors. If you need two different sizes just place the first in your cart, then go back and order the second. Friday evening is the Cumberland County Playhouse and there is a link to go there for the Friday April 28 show at 7:30 p.m. and order tickets.

Please note if this is your first time to attend the ECR mark appropriately on your registration so we can assist in any way to make you feel welcome. Also please note that CAMPGROUND registrations must be handled through the Deer Run link and is separate from the rally registration.

As always we will update information up to the rally date and look forward to seeing everyone. If you need to contact me about any questions feel free at ecrcarl@gmail.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.








Link for mail in registration.


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13 registrations in two days. If you are using electronic sign up you should be receiving a confirmation email from the rally website and PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account. If you don't receive any confirmation please notify me at ecrcarl@gmail.com. I spoke to PayPal today and they assured me there should be an email. If you did receive one please let me know that also as we are trying to make this as smooth and responsive as possible. Don't trust electronic? You can still snail mail form and payment and I will confirm when received.

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Carl, Danielle and I will attend. Any insight on what sites we should ask for? We are pretty big....




Just let Kim know how big you are when you talk to her. There are very few sites that wouldn't be big enough, though there are quite a few already taken. The biggest issue you'll have with your trailer is the approach angle on some of the sites where the access drive is sloped.

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