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I-15 Winter Travel


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With a rather long winded, but soon to be complete home buy behind us, we're still hoping to buy our first TT and make a trip from MT to AZ in February. We've traveled to SLC several times, but never south of that. What is the rest of the drive down I-15 and over to Yuma like in winter? Are there stretches of road and mountain passes that are problematic for towing regardless of weather?

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From SLC south, unless it is actually snowing while you're driving, they keep the roads in pretty good shape. I've even driven it back in the day in a big boat of a car pulling a huge rental trailer- during a blizzard. BUT- do be aware of black ice on the overpasses, which being from Montana I'm sure you know about. As the previous poster said, from Cedar City south, you're pretty much out of it; again, it can get nasty all the way to St. George if it's snowing while you're driving.

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We jump on I-15 at Dillon... so at least the weather challenges north of that are not a factor. It would be nice to make it all the way to about St. George and get clear of the snow zone, but with short days and not liking to drive at night, that won't happen. Getting just south of SLC seems doable and clear of the morning valley traffic. Any suggestions on places to stay in route? Maybe Provo or Spanish Fork?

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We drive this route from Alberta at least twice a year as snowbirds. Its a good 4 lane highway and as long as you watch the weather you will be alright. We avoid going through Butte by taking a detour from Boulder to Dillon ...it saves going over a mountain pass where the weather can be quite nasty.

There is a free one night camping area with water and a dump station at Idaho Falls on the south end. Its just off the Yellowstone highway beside the river.

Salt Lake City is always a white knuckle driving experience for a good 2-3 hrs. I usually travel just under the pack speed and let them pass me. If you try to keep up with the packs it gets hairy. Best time to do SLC is sunday morning.

After St George you drop down the Virgin River Gorge and onto the desert.....the I-15 goes through Las Vegas and then south west to Los Angeles. To get to AZ you go south from Las Vegas through Laughlin and Bullhead city or south to Needles and then to Parker ( my choice). The road from Needles to Blythe is quite rough...I try to avoid that stretch. Or you can go from Las Vegas east and then south through Kingman and then to Phoenix. These are all good roads with no issues.


Give the trucks a healthy respect...even though they dont respect you much. They are bigger if you get my drift. There used to be a time when they drove and acted professionaly...not so much these days.

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