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Great News for RVrs With Windows Computers


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Windows updates will soon be able to be delayed for up to 35 days. For RVrs and others this allows them to download from free WiFi instead of using their paid data plans. Windows pro can still defer all system upgrades and get only the security updates as I do with my main system.




"Microsoft could finally be solving one of Windows 10's biggest irritations: automatic updates. Winaero’s Sergey Tkachenko noticed a new feature that would allow users to delay an update for up to 35 days in a recent leaked build of the Windows 10 Creator Update."


More details here: http://gizmodo.com/microsoft-might-finally-kill-automatic-windows-10-updat-1790565593

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If you use Microsoft Streets and Trips as a nav system, the newest update is not compatible with the gps receiver.

The last update I know about was over a year ago.


MS web page on S&T

"Current users may continue to use Streets & Trips to plan their travel adventures and will have mainstream support until July 14, 2015"


Where did this latest update you got come from? :huh:

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