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Starting the Adventure

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​Hello and an almost happy 2017 to everyone!


​If you're new to Escapees or just learning your way around the forums, welcome and let's put you on the path to finding all the fun events that are out there just waiting for you to join in!


​Whether you're looking for a Chapter for your geographical region, Birds of a Feather (BoFs) for shared interests or just events that aren't to be missed with the Head-out Programs (HOPs), we've got all those things here for you. To begin, just go to https://escapees.com/fun. There you will find links to an ever-changing variety of events that are sure to engage your imagination. All that's missing is you! So jump in and join the fun!


​We'll see you on the road!



Lockie Sailer

Chapter/BOF Director

Escapees RV Club




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