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Volvo Gen 2: Lower Coolant Pipe


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Hi All,

Well my Volvo broke down on the side of the road for the first time a couple weeks ago. The coolant pipes that feed the cab and sleeper heaters ruptured. Anyone replaced this part? I am having a hell of a time with it! First, I figured out that I had to remove the front shock absorber to get enough clearance. Of course the top and bottom bolts were rusted. Even my 1" impact was no match. Ended up having to cut them off with a cutoff wheel. Anyways... I am finally trying to put the truck back to together and it seems that the Dorman 936-5502 aftermarket part doesnt fit very well. It is quite a bit bigger than the OEM part. The Dorman site claims it fits. They even boast that they improved on the OEM design by making it out of stainless.




I am so tempted to just run a pair of 7/8 heater hose and do away with the pipe completely. Anyone else have any experience to share?

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I am so tempted to just run a pair of 7/8 heater hose and do away with the pipe completely.


I did just that with mine as a preemptive repair - simple two hour project . . . once you get the right parts!.


I used 3/4" silicon heater hose along with a couple Sharkbite 3/4" elbows and valves secured with worm drive hose clamps. Routed and strapped hose with tie wraps to old pipe. Like Rod, I don't expect to use much so I put in valves to reduce the heat flow into the cab when warm weather and also a means to shut the supply should we have a downstream leak.

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Hmmm decisions, decisions. I feel like I have invested quite a bit of time and money in this project already. Good to hear Jim & Wilma that you had success in bypassing your pipes with heater hose. Wish I talked to you before I bought that $150 part and then destroyed my shock absorber with a cutoff wheel!!

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And my bad luck continues. Apparently I ordered the wrong front shock part. I ordered a Gen II Front Shock Absorber Part#21436086 but didnt notice until just now that my truck apparently uses Part# 20485633. The weird thing is that this is listed as a Gen I part. I guess the lesson of the day is to ALWAYS check part numbers :unsure:

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Just a little update. Last weekend I was able to put in some time/effort and got my truck put back together. The whole reassembly only took me about an hour. One new coolant pipe, new Monroe Gas Magnum shock absorber, and a few new bolts... The process of flushing and refilling the radiator was simple enough. I put in about 12 gallons of new ELC coolant. Here is all short video of the new parts/pieces installed.


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