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New propane tank purge - San Diego?


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Selling/refilling propane does not mean they necessarily have the equipment or training to properly purge new or contaminated cylinders. I'd suggest calling the major propane distributors in the area and asking which of their vendors can do a purge. I've generally seen purge pricing in the $5-$10 range, but sometimes it's free.

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I am the OP of this topic.

Thanks for all of your informative replies.

One of the responses was from "lots2see" who said that the tanks sold by Costco had already been purged.

I just took a closer look at the labels on the tanks. Nowhere did it say anything about already purged. But it did have a phone number of the tank supplier. I called that number and was told:

"The tanks have already been purged and are ready to be filled".


Again, thanks for all your replies.



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