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propane gage


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Most propane level indicators found in motorized RVs are of the float type, similar to those in a gasoline tank. The indication is usually just a mechanical gauge on the side of the tank, with a magnetic sensor that is attached to follow the needle.


To check it you will need to get under the RV to where your tank is located and so that you can see it. If you locate the pressure regulator assembly and the point where the fill line enter the tank, you should be able to see it. If the mechanical gauge is still working the sensor is easily replaced or the problem could be in the wires between it and your display or it might be the display. Most of these displays are just a voltage sensor but they are not all the same and you will need to determine what type your Bounder has. Some of the display panels used when your RV was built have adjusting potentiometers located behind the display panel that might help. It suddenly stopped working completely, the problem is probably electrical. I helped a friend with a problem just like yours once where the sensor had come off of the face of the level gauge.


The mechanical gauge can be replaced, but not likely at an RV shop but most larger LP distributors do repairs. If you take a look at this page from Propane 101, it has a pretty good explanation of how it works.



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Since it's the gauge on the tank that's no longer reading, the likelihood is that the external part is what has failed. Failures of the float and magnet that drives the external gauge are pretty rare. Fortunately, replacement gauges with the remote sensor are readily available, and quite easy to change. There are two different styles of gauges with remote sensors, and they are not interchangeable. There's the screw-on gauge that Kirk posted, and there's also the snap-on style shown below. Both are readily available on eBay, Amazon, etc, as well as in most RV dealers parts departments.



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