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Healthcare Openness Project

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It is interesting for what it is but it really needs to be overlaid with health outcomes (including overall indicators of state health) and cost. They are using the term access but it is undefined. There is theoretical access (e.g. there are Drs and hospitals nearby) and practical access (availability of insurance, Medicad, rural clinics etc.).

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I'm not sure how much folks who travel extensively in RVs were considered in this project

If I read the description of the rating system correctly, the higher the number the worse the rating. If the issues for those under 65 needing out of state/network services as they travel have not been resolved in South Dakota, since South Dakota is relatively highly ranked at #14; it would appear not to be very relevant to the fulltime or long term traveling RVer. Texas is ranked 20 and Florida is ranked 32.

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My personal experience working in healthcare industry in a rural environment in Wisconsin and as a traveler does not support the high ranking for that state.   These rankings may reflect the experience in major cities but not rural where there is a shortage of MDs and only 1 insurance choice with limited networks in rural counties


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Colorado seems to rate pretty high but there are many area here where health care is limited.  In fact people living in Park County do not have a doctor in the county.  People need to drive an hour or more over high mountain passes to see a doc.  During bad weather the roads may not be passable.  While Denver has a number of health facilities. Location location.

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