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Universal TV Remote or Smart Phone Ap?

Universal TV Remote Control or Smart Phone App?  

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  1. 1. Which would you choose?

    • Universal TV Remote control.
    • Smart phone Application.
    • Brand specific TV Remote.

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My not very old Samsung TV remote had a battery leaking when I changed out the batteries recently. Now it will work for a few minutes and then quit. I have tried to clean out as much of the leak as possible, but still having issues. TV has a single button for all functions so using without a remote is as bad as texting on a flip phone. (or worse.)


I found several phone apps and one that works but is not really user friendly. A few of the others I looked at wanted a lot of information that I am unwilling to share.


My question, Would you choose a replacement "universal" remote? or keep searching for a Smart phone app?


Thanks for your replies.



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