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Santa has a problem


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An update!


Everything was gift wrapped and ready for loading into Santa's sleigh.




We were even ready with appropriate machinery to place the load in the right spot in the sleigh as to not to "disturb" the weight and balance of the sleigh during the flight.






So you might ask, "how come the ET ended in the back of my truck" instead of Santa's sleigh?




Well, here it goes.


Apparently, the job action against hauling ETs in the sleigh, turned into a full strike. It was reported that Blitzen (a union steward) said that this will have to be addressed fully during the upcoming contract negotiations between Santa Enterprises and The International Brotherhood of Reindeer Haulers. Other than having to make the delivery I can't confirm the veracity of this information since it came from the internet and it could be in the category of fake news. And we all know how unfair fake news were to Hillary recently. Couple of other recent developments raise my doubts. Such as Jeff Bezos and Amazon patenting the "Warehouse in the Sky" utilizing drones dropping from such warehouse carrying gifts. Do you see the equivalency? Flying warehouse and flying drones vs, flying sleigh and flying reindeer. Way too close for a coincidence, I wouldn't put it past Mr. Bezos to spread fake news about labor problems at Santa Enterprises to grab an even bigger market share of Christmas deliveries.

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