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Glenn, assuming you mean to mount the boxes on the bed, behind the driver....how much room do you have for the depth of the box and still leave clearance for the Smart ? I wanted to do the same thing but could only eek out enough clearance for 12 inch deep boxes and still leave clearance for my Smart on my Volvo 780. Before I got my Smart, I had 4 really heavy duty 2 drawer file cabinets with a 60 inch wide stainless tool box mounted on top of them. They were braced against forward movement and covered with a custom Sunbrella cover and held tons of stuff. Now that we have the Smart, I had to downsize to 2, 12 inch deep. 12 inch high and 48 inch wide aluminum drop door boxes. I miss all the storage I had with the cabinets and the tool box but the trade off for the Smart was worth it. Charlie

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Glenn I got paid off on a bad debt once in

... airline galley-carts...you know the kind that the fine airline food is carted down the isle on those cheep flights...


Well you know what...those darn things are way bunch tougher than any SnapOn toolbox and BEFORE I knew I was out of galley carts an now I wish I had some of the darn things back....


Once in a while I see a galley cart on Craigslist but often too far from our remote location....but you hang close to bigger cities so you might find a couple of carts cheep....you'd be amazed how nice they are....


Drive on....(galley cart, good.....airline food not so good)

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I have a Craftsman tool box mounted in a toolbox under the bed in front of the rear axles. It takes up most of the storage compartment and it is pretty full. The box is mounted on a rubber mat that might provide some cushion and each drawer has the thin rubber no slide pads in the bottom. So far this is working but we only drive a few thousand miles a year. I bought the Craftsman toolbox used for not much and if necessary I could look for another one. It has been very handy.

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Ronbo, is yours inside another box? I understand your post to mean a box supported by just angle iron. I was concerned about water getting in it.

Oh ya Glenn....now ya gota NEW shaker windshield wiper switch that sorta works and now ya gota flaunt the fact that ya are driving AROUND in the rain storms while the rest of us Shaker-geezers are hiding out on the edge of Death Valley....Well just so ya know we had THIRTY inches of rain at Last Chance Peak yesterday (measured 30 inches between rain drops with Stanley tape) and likely to have FORTY inches rain today.....not a chance the Dollytrolley will move a inch till the "monsoons" cease.....


If ya put your old wiper switch back in your Shaker....you would not drive on the rain then you would not get water in your toolbox.....


Drive on....(don't drive your Shaker in the rain)

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