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Doc in Bushnell


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Its not easy as many people don't understand the mobile lifestyle and are not set up to service a mobile patient but in areas with large full time RVer populations you may have better success? The inability to get refills finally hit our travel plans this past year and we will be traveling much shorter distances but we have had many good years on the road. Pharmacists rarely can accept prescriptions from across state lines and many prescriptions can only be written for 30 days at a time for insurances purposes and refilled only during a specific time window. We found paying ourselves vs insurance was helpful for us for non-schedule 2 meds. I am hopeful we will see many positive changes in healthcare in the next couple of years. When you find a doctor that you like and works with you it is important to give them positive reviews online. ie Google or HealthGrades


I found MD"s along the way greatly appreciated my spreadsheet of dr visit dates, names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, website addresses and RX' dosages so they could confirm if necessary. I think they felt if we put the time into the detailed records we were not there to scam?


Here is a Google search for Bushnell, Florida https://www.google.com/search?q=healthgrades+bushnell+florida&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8


To find DR's on the road I used this website www.healthgrades.com.


Another valuable website*** is Medical License Lookup


Good luck with your search.

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We are able to have our RX written for 12 months with no problem by our doctors. We do not live in an RV intensive area. We then send them into Express Scripts for a 90 day refill, no problems. Another way, if not covered by insurance is to use Canada or visit Mexico(I don't know if MX has mail order available).

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Fortunately the scrips are fairly inexpensive. We found that we can put them in the Walgreens system right away, unfilled, and then get the first fill and the refills at any Walgreens along the way.


I found some doc PAs in Bushnell so when we get there we'll check them out. We don't need much doctoring other than the yearly renewals.


Thanks folks.

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Our doctors are in upstate NY and we use CVS for our prescriptions. No matter where we are, if a prescription needs renewing, CVS contacts the appropriate doctor for us. It does add a couple of extra days to the refill pickup time, but we've never had a problem getting them from the nearest CVS. I understand Schedule II/IIN drugs create some additional complexities though, if you take any of those.

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