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Dreaming of a New Stove for Her Birthday

Kevin H

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My first question would be... WHAT exactly did you do that she's getting that nice of a stove?? :lol:


I don't have any experience with that particular unit, but Dickinson has been around for ages and is well known for very high quality units and excellent customer service. If I were changing mine out I would be looking on one of theirs or possibly a force-10. If she uses the oven much I'm sure she'll LOVE the Dickinson. They heat really quickly and probably have the most even heat on the market.


The only "bad" thing I've heard is that you really have to watch out for that back burner. Their big ones are 11k btu.. and they mean it! The only other thing is the lack of a smaller circumference burner for small pots or a coffee kettle... getting a lot of heat up the sides rather than directed at the bottoms, but may be a non-issue for you.


A force-10 might run you a little less, but it's not as if the Dickinson's aren't well worth the price.

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