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Big Truck Alignment - Huntington TX

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I know this place has been mentioned here before... But, I just wanted to take a minute and express how impressed I am with the quality of work done there in Huntington TX!! Glenn was absolutely great to deal with and did an awesome job. I have been working on and driving my 630 for a number of months and have always been fairly happy with the way the truck drove and towed. But, I knew that my kingpins had a little slack and I am leaving in a couple weeks for a fairly long trip. I had initially put off any front end work and finally decided to treat myself to a set of king pins and an alignment. Well, I made an appointment with Glenn and within 20 minutes of being at his shop he had my truck jacked up and he informed me that my kingpins would be fine!! I was obviously being a little too picky on the slight amount of slack that I had detected at my shop. Now, I must say that I had already prepared myself to spend the $1200 (Roughly) and there are not too many shops that will shoot you straight and let you keep your money for something that you don't need. I left my truck there and drove home knowing that Glenn was as honest as they come. Long story short, he did a three axle alignment, replaced a couple bushings in my front drive top link, and balanced/shaved my steers. I did not realize how badly my truck drove until the trip home last night!!!! It was pure joy driving Big Ugly home and I can't wait to get loaded up for our Christmas trip!! Anyways, if you are in need of a great Front End man Glenn is the guy to go see!!! Jeremy

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These brothers have forgotten more about truck alignment than most men know. They are the go to place for any big vehicle with a solid steer axle as is seen on over the road trucks.


Many Class A motorhomes benefit greatly from their expertise. Mine sure has.


But, If you have an Independent front end, you are on your own. They specialize in truck steer axles and total truck alignment. There is none better.



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