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Scratches in chrome and stainless steel

runaway parents

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I have the same questions, as I recently installed a metal chrome bumper on the Volvo. I have scratched it while removing bugs, mostly because of my mistakes.

I tried compound, but not very successful, in fact, just made it larger, and worse. Again my mistake, so thought I better let that sleepin' dog lie before I just screw it up some more. But, if there is a way to restore it, I would give it a shot. Dick T

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runaway parents, HI.


With many years of making, selling, an repairing stainless steel belt buckles the worst and most miss treated SS buckles can be made to look new again. Small scratches, deep scratches even gouges can be repaired. The worst gouges need to have a quick heli arc (tig) pass over them then feathered down an buffed out. Most heavy scratches will come out with a buffing device and a sisals wheel and a dark gray buff compound stick. Gradually working up to a cotton and linen buff with the white compound stick. Without going into further detail this will get you where you want to go, it's work an not easy.

The buffs and compounds you need can be bought at truck dealerships with good toy stores, truck stops, and on line.

Now, as far as chrome is concerned not so easy since chrome is a coating. I am not aware of a practical way to restore the finish other than sending it in to be rechromed.






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