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permanent lot space near tucson, az


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know most people on here are full timers who move summer and winter

but thought i would give it a shot anyway



looking for someone responsible/no drugs etc with an rv to live on my 5 acres and watch my dogs/property in marana, az

closest crossroads will be anway and avra valley for reference


this is very rural- 20 miles to the nearest grocery store

although there are a couple of convenience stores a mile away

this is not for people who are super social unless they want to/can afford to drive 20 miles to town every day


the road is dirt and requires a 4wd vehicle during our monsoon here


i travel a lot for work and would like to be able to be gone in my rv 5-10 days at a time


i need a permanent person


you will only be required to pay your electric


i have the fastest wifi available in this rural area, you can stream movies etc and i just use a normal tv antenna for regular tv


this is not a fancy place at all

rural 5 acres with an old mobile home on it

but quiet, private, fenced


anyone interested please email me direct



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hey kirk


most of the forums i am on there is a way to private message


i have an inbox at the top of my screen so guessing they can message me that way


hate to post my email on a forum, no telling what spammers would pick it up


iooks like if someone clicks my name it gives the option of sending a private message


if this does not work let me know


thank you

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