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Wanted: Control board (non-working okay) for Splendide 2000


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Wanted: Control board (non-working okay) for Splendide 2000


I realize this is a longshot, but thought I'd give it a try:


I want to experiment on the control board for an old Splendide 2000 (WD 802 M) combo unit. If you have one that was, for example, replaced because it was deemed nonworking, I'd love to have it. Of if you have one that is working and are happy to part with it because something else on the machine is unfixable, even better.


I'll pay postage, plus a little extra for your effort, but I don't want to pay real money for a control board I'm likely to blow up anyway.


If you're in the Denver area right now, I'll be happy to come to you and remove it and pick it up. (It's pretty easy to get it out of the machine.)


PM me, or express interest here and I"ll PM you. Thanks!!!!

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