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Parts help for 2001 64T VNL 770


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Thanks to the age of our truck (the Toy Draggin) and the life expectancy of the various parts and pieces fabricated from plastic, when one of the last fasteners failed, the passenger door panel dropped forward and the bottom rear rolled up behind the cab door seal. Next time I opened that door, more fasteners failed, and, well, the panel parts have moved on to the great recycling center in the sky.


Volvo says there are none of these parts available "off the shelf" anywhere in the country. I really need some help finding the replacement parts.


This is for a 2001 64T VNL 770 serial # is available.


There are 3 main parts, the big panel, the little tray cup piece at the bottom of the panel, and the backer panel that fits inside. I'd prefer that all of the screws and clips be included, but I can manage that if need be.


Interior color is the usual Volvo gray, and it has power windows, so no crank hole.


If anybody has a lead, PLEASE let me know...the navigator is getting crabby.


Thanks in advance




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