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Win 10 "Bad Pool Header"

Al F

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Every few days my Win 10 laptop crashes with a full screen message "Bad Pool Header". The computer reboots and everything works fine until the next crash


I Googled "Bad Pool Header" and came up with at hit at "Wikifixes.com which says to download their software to fix the registry problems.


Link to Wikifixes info.


Is Wikifixes a valid place to get fix info? Would it be a good idea to download the software?


This is the detail info from Wikifixes:


Safe way to repair the error:

The same application can be used to run preventative measures to reduce the chance of this or other system errors appearing in the future.


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I would strongly advise not to use there software.

There is a possiblity that system is infected. google this. adware cleaner. select from bleeping computer. once there select get from bleeping computer.

small file less than 4 mb. once downloaded click on it. select agree. scan. after scan select clean, it will give you 2 prompts click ok , it reboots an upon reboot give you a text file showing what it removed. If there are infected reg entries it will remove an you shouldn't get the bad pool error.

P.S. I have used this hundreds of times. very safe program. after running this, then post if you get error. we can go to step 2.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I am delaying doing anything with the Registry.


The Duke's suggestion about the drivers got me to looking closer at driver updates.


Dell computers have an application brought up by clicking on one of the tiny icons in the lower left corner of the screen called "Dell Update". It shows the laptop is "up to date".


Poking around a bit more I found where that app will take me to Dell Support and allow me to check for updates using my Service Tag.


Guess what? There are 19 drivers and applications which need to be updated.


Just got done with downloading about 2 GB of updates and applying them.


We will see if this helps.


Now I have to do Sharon's laptop. It is identical to mine, we bought them as a pair earlier this year. I'm really glad I took the option to save the update files to a thumb drive.


I just love it when a computer mfg application says everything is up to day, but it really isn't!!! GRRRRR!

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Go here https://www.slimwareutilities.com/slimdrivers.php and download slim drivers. Don use the link for download.com. Look right below it and download from their web site. I had a blue screen of death problem and this web site fixed it with updated drivers. Look at the other slim ware also. I have not found any bad software from them although I don't use all that they produce. Also it is free. The only free drover software I have found. Most of them tell you the problems and than want you to pay.

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Updating the drivers did not fix the Blue Screen of Death problem with "Bad Pool Header".


However it seemed that it only happened when I was using Firefox. I wound up using IE and over the last 3-4 days the computer has not crashed. So maybe the problem was Firefox.


I did find an old fix for Firefox. The suggestion was to stop Firefox from using "Hardware Accelerator" to load the pages.


I haven't switched back to Firefox yet, but will give it a try soon.



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