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Solar Update


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So here I am in Ballston Spa NY at a Cowboy Action Shooting weekend event. Temps went down to 39 degrees last night. Furnace set at 65 degrees. Watched a movie and some TV. Did a bit of Internet surfing. Woke up this am with my two group 31 batteries at 12.7v.

Every single camper next to me is running generators. I made two cups of coffee in my hotel version Kurig machine, listening to the radio and using lights and my WeBoost cell booster.

No Generator!


Still only used it one rainy day in the last year and three months.


Sun is just starting to come up and my 280watts of solar are already dumping 2 amps into the battery.


To say I'm pleased with how this is working out would be an understatement.


Love my solar!!!!


Read about my install here www.rvbprecision.com

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rb, thanks for the fun update. I'm dry camping at Steam O Rama in Republic Missouri and having the same satisfying experience. Several gents around me who have maybe newer $100,000 rigs are running their batteries dry (one down to 10.5 volts ) and running generators and I look at their rigs and they have ONE maybe two RV/Marine 12 volt batteries and maybe a single 100 watt fold out suitcase solar panel AND CANT UNDERSTAND WHY THEIR BATTERIES ARE RUNNING DOWN LOL When they ask for my advice I tell them at a minimum to use two Trojan T-105 true deep cycle 6 volt golf cart batteries they ask how much and say nooooooooo that's too expensive (have a $100,000 motorhome) and when I tell them they need more solar they say I JUST SPENT OVER TWO HUNDRED FOR MY SUITCASE PANEL and have no concept of how little 100 watts is and some even think they can run high power AC appliances since they have that solar lol


And some "dudes" gladly spend over 100 K on their rig then go buy a loud noisy screaming Harbor Freight generator and park next to you and run it day n night grrrrrrrrrrrr


Even though I'm parked under a tree with shade over me most of the day and I'm running my dorm size 120 VAC fridge (in addition to my LP fridge) and two vent fans all day n night my 470 watts of rooftop solar and MPPT temperature compensated smart 3 stage charge controller I'm keeping up.


Congrats on your system


John T A Happy Camper coming to you live and unplugged in Republic Missouri

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