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Platium Plus Thousand Trails Membership

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Thousand Trails Platinum Plus Nation Wide Membership For Sale. Membership includes all 59 U.S resorts and Cultus Lake, Canada. NACO and Leisure Time parks are included in membership. This is top of the line, Platinum Plus memberships which are no longer offered by Thousand Trails, so the benefits offered by this membership are only available to purchasers of existing Platinum Plus contracts. Complete details for this membership are available by calling 800-388-7788 press 4 ask for information on Platinum Plus Contract #298641550. This membership is a lifetime which can be willed or sold. You can camp up to 21 consecutive days for each camp ground without having to leave the Thousand Trails Park system, and can schedule up to 120 days in advance. Each park has many activities to include playgrounds, tennis courts, miniature golf, recreational halls, swimming pools, grocery shops, etc. Some have horseback riding, canoeing, fishing boats, craft classes, pool tables, ping pong tables, game competitions, Sunday morning worship, and special entertainment. Children, grandchildren (21 years of age or older) and parents of the Primary Platinum Plus member can apply for the Family Courtesy Card and receive the same privileges as the primary Platinum Plus member at all TTNLT preserves for day use and overnight camping. The home park for this membership is Meniffe, California and the 125 mile rule for Resort Parks International (RPI) is measured from this resort. RPI Preferred dues are optional with dues of $119 offering nightly stays of $10. Preferred Access is included in this membership and provides access to condominium and resorts worldwide at reduced rates. Currently dues for 2016 are $549 and are inactive, (dues may be raised upon transfer). TTNLT Dues can be paid yearly, quarterly or monthly. Dues are frozen at age 62. The membership can be placed on inactive status for up to 5 years if you stop camping for a while and you do not pay dues while on inactive status. Asking price is $2500. There is a transfer fee of $750 paid by buyer to Thousand Trails plus unpaid membership dues. If you have any questions feel free to email me at gracyslick@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking.

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