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Background: 2008 Winebago Destination. 340 Cummings ISB 6.7L diesel. 27k mileage.


We are in our third season on this chassis/coach and it has been a sturdy chariot to places familiar and new. One nuisance has been the occasional check engine light. Usually associated with cumulative turbulent road conditions. The first one ever was for coolant level. Pulled over, checked, all was well, and trip continued. Other times, the alarm would occur and eventually clear.


I have been very reliable about checking the oil, coolant and dumping out the fuel/water filter, along with purging the compressed air after each trip.


This past trip started with two days of traveling over 750 miles. Then a week on the ground with no coach/chassis movement. First day on the return trip was stable, until the last several miles, several check engine lights that self cleared. The following morning, dumped some more out of the fuel/water filter with the hope that this would resolve the check engine light warning. Then it got worse, on the final day out, while going up a modest hill, the check engine light came on, then the flashing red STOP ENGINE light came on. We immediately pulled off into the breakdown lane, and as we came to a stop, the ENGINE STOPPED.


Rechecked the three of the four causes - oil level, coolant level and the ensured the fuel/water filter was in good condition. This left the final cause ~ the dreaded, unspecified something else. Corrective action, get thyself towed to next Freightliner chassis service facility. This was 25 miles always, in Maine, and did I mention that we were in New Brunswick.


Good Sams Emergency Roadside Service activated. By the way, did I mention it was Sunday morning? GS coordinated a tow truck response with a tow to the next capable campground for the overnight. The next day, we were to call again and coordinate a tow to the next authorized service facility.


Tow truck guy shows up. Checks the several things I already checked. That's okay, experienced second opinions are welcome and in this case conformational. Engine restarted, all readings nominal. Plan was to continue up the road and monitor for Stop Engine recurrence. The Check Engine came on for a breath taking good 15 seconds. Then went off, stayed off, we parted ways and there were no further issues on the rest of the way home.


Next step, get the chassis/coach to the local Freightliner service facility for review. I'm thinking a failing sensor? Wonder if it would be worthy replacing the suspect sensors?


Your thoughts?

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First thing I would do is get a Scan Gauge (or something like it) and check to see what codes are being thrown. Your shooting in the dark not knowing what the check engine light is trying to tell you. Any repair shop should be able to pull the codes for you if you don't want to invest in a code reader.



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Was it raining at the time?

Reason I ask is because my alarm went off in the middle of nowhere Manitoba. Dash showed low coolant level. Coolant level was fine and engine was running at normal temp, all fluids checked out ok and all guages showed normal on the dash. I had just come out of 3 days of driving in the rain. Decided to continue on with the alrm blaring like crazy. Drove about 100 miles before things dried out enough and the alarm stopped.


That was a year ago and hasn't done it since. My good friend who owns a fleet of dump trucks simply nodded his head and said welcome to my world.

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I get your problem. Sometimes my Freightliner does hinkey stuff. Once all of a sudden while driving down the road, and my speedometer stopped working. I pulled over, turned the engine off for a minute (AKA resetting the computer,) turned it back on--problem solved. A couple of months later we were driving to the DMV to take a MH driving test, and just before we got there, the spedo stopped working. I turned off--waited--turned it back on. NOTHING! We went in, told the lady that was doing the driving test, she said, "You are not required to have a speedometer, you are just required to drive the speed limit."


On the way home from taking the test, it started working again after we had stopped for lunch.


Hasn't given me another problem in the last 14 months.


Who Knows?

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A fellow full timer had several odd ball errors and the resultant stops, starts, and disablements on his Journey. I too was placed in disabled mode and required to drive 8 miles at a blazing 5 mph to meet a tow truck. In both cases it was nothing mechanical - rather, loose connections in the wiring harnesses.


Just a guess here but consider the possibility of simply a connection or even one wire in a connection coming loose after 8 years. I offer sympathy to you in finding the culprit. Cold solder joints and loose connections are some of the hardest items to pin down and fix.

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Ok, and I hope you respond.

Do you have a MMDC of the LBCO on the dash.

I ask this because both have the ability to read the codes.


Of course the first thing I would have done it to call the Freightliner 24/7 hotline number.

With the last six digits of your Vin, they can help you with what items you have on your coach and even send an online manual for you to read.

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