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SOLD - Magnum 2812 inverter and accessories


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Sold the 5th wheel and ordered new DRV with the same package:


Magnum 2812 pure sine wave inverter with 125 amp charger
ME-BMK Battery monitor kit with shunt
ME-RC50 remote panel
Class T fuse block with 400 amp fuse



$1500 for all - just add batteries and cables!

Located in Spokane, Washington.




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Some helpful information for a potential buyer would be knowing the production year, how long it was installed and a general idea of the overall usage.


I also noticed that you have the temp sensor pictured but not mentioned as being included. If included.. that would be the ME-BTS-15 (looks like.. or -25 if it's the 25' cord).

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17 minutes ago, gatorcq said:

By the way, if you plan on installing the Magnum Solar controller in conjunction, the main board needs to be replace with a newer version.

That's not true....IF you want to install the PT-100 controller and integrate it with the 2812 it needs the ME-ARC50 remote, which can be added.  Unfortunately the PT-100 needs a minimum of 59 Volts to work properly.  Not many RV solar systems have the ability to do that.  I have integrated the Victron controller and it works flawlessly.

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Let me explain it this way. In Sept of 2016, I helped a friend install the PT. His Magnum 2812 was installed in 2015. 

The unit did not communicate with each other. By the way, yes he had a ARC50. he spent many hours on the phone with Magnum. The final word was, change the board, as a newer version software was required. We never got an answer as to why, new software could not be uploaded. 

Now, this if first hand experience and not what we read on the website. 

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