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Looking for an Eaton Ultrashift part..


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I knew there would be bugs to work out with this truck but I am somewhat surprised at the quality of diagnosis with mainstream companies.


Last year, i replaced the XY unit and replace the wiring harness...no surprise with the age of the truck and what it does. BTW, the truck is rust free and never has been used in the winter. Apparently, my gear display unit is very rare and haven't found a replacement for that. We tried to fix it but it just won't work so I drive it without the display.


As an aside, and I don't know if this is reliant, I had a trucking company try to upgrade my software in my trans..for some reason I was short shifting in 3rd..and it wouldn't take the upgrade. Since this was a free thing..I didn't ask questions but he was able to change the existing programming.


On a 5K mile trip this summer.. if I stopped the truck and started it again when it was warm..when I would go to put it in gear..it wouldn't go. I would push the various buttons and it would eventually click in. Really annoying if I had to back up or juggle the trailer. If the unit was cold when I started it up..no probs.. So what I do when I come home..I park the rig on the side of the road..come in for a coffee, etc..then go back out and back it into my driveway.


The only Eaton authorized dealer locally is a Pete dealership. After having my truck for 5 hours..they said I need a new inertia brake. When my son and I went to pick up the rig, 3 people came at us to tell us the news. There are none in Canada ..and the price was high. I am not a diesel guy nor a trans guy but I have been working on cars on and off most of my life. When we left, my son asked me if I believed them.. what i thought was that what they were saying didn't make sense.


So I made an appointment with Freightliner in our provincial capital ..they did their diagnosis and disagreed saying that they went at it from several different directions and the Eaton troubleshoot guide tells them the transmission controller needs to be replaced. Again, not available in Canada.


Eaton sells a reman part.. Ful/K3435RX.


Is there a high volume Eaton distributor in the states or a good salvage yard that deals with these parts or am I nutz thinking about used ?


A followup question would be can I adapt a more readily available display unit for my truck ?


Thanks as always.

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They have basically NO internet presence. It may take a few times of calling to get them on the phone. Two sisters answer the phones and they are good at their job. I bought all my A/C components for my truck for $500. They have I think 4 yards that are HUGE. The office when I was there was standing room only.

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