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hwh jacks

2005 Southwind

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I have a 99 holiday rambler endeavor with the hwh leveling jacks. tried to check the resivor oil level but the crome knob wont come off. I tried ccw and cw and also tried pulling straighht up on it but no luck. the jacks will not extend all the way is why I thought checking the oil level would be the first thing to do. this is the first itme with thin rig and the first time for leveling jacks so i am learning as i go. Just wondering if anyone might have this system and any possible answers.


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The cap on the reservoir is a loosen counter clockwise. I'd use a pipe wrench. There is a short dipstick under the cap.


There is an owner's manual available on-line.


My jacks sat for years unused. Knowing what I know now I suggest: Check the level and top it off with the proper fluid. I might even look at changing the fluid.


Then try to manually rotate the jacks to the vertical. My jacks go vertical very easily. This next part is different. I have one jack that GROANS loudly all the way down and part of the way back up. It loudly complains. And sticks there. I dug a trench under the extended jack and used another jack to jack it back fully retracted. Luckily I was on soft dirt and not asphalt. I'm going to take the rig to a farm implement dealer and ask the hydraulic mechanic to get this jack to work correctly. In the meantime I'm going to not use that corner. My problem jack is the driver's side rear jack. And, like the generator and other stuff on this motor home I will make a point of exercising its systems at least every month.


Sure this helps you.



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HWH says to use their oil, or Dextron multi-purpose transmission fluid.(it's specified in your owners manual) (FAQ page) Remember the simple saying "lefty loosey, righty tighty" for the oil cap. Removing old oil, flushing, and installing new oil is a tedious, time consuming job I would not do so unless you have detected water or some other contaminant(incompatible oil) in the reservoir.

If oil level is low, it might take several cycles of the jacks to purge air from the system, topping off oil level each cycle.When it no longer requires oil, air is gone.

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