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HDT Florida


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I got stopped bob-tailing coming back from getting fuel near Cleremont, they were doing DOT stops, asked for my info and where i was coming from explained easier to fuel with out the car on the back. He asked about pulling a rv with the hdt and I explained all about it, had a very discussion about why and he left saying be safe and have a nice trip.

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A "Florida" registered RV can not, although many do and have no problems.

Right. In FL an HDT used non-commercially CAN get a MH designation, but it has to have the 5th wheel plate removed. Law prohibits a MH-registered vehicle from having a 5th plate, and towing a trailer. You can only tow with a ball hitch (and "maybe" a pintle hitch). Both are considered non-load bearing.


Some people in FL DO register as a MH and THEN add on the 5th wheel plate and tow their 5th wheel RV. They are illegal. Only you can decide if you want to go that route. The fact that people get away with it - as they do with towing doubles in FL - does not mean it is legal.

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Yes there a lot of situations that are just over the edge of legal. The concern should be what do you do if a LEO decides to invoke the law.


A over-wide Smart can be unloaded and you can continue on.


Over 65' length (most states) you may have to drop your trailer and have a commercial truck come and tow it away.


I won't say that having to absolutely legal is the only answer, but be prepared for the situation. We were almost 85' (truck, trailer, car) and the one time we were stopped, we could disconnect the car and then travel on.


In the case of a Florida registered motorhome with a fifth-wheel attached, that is an equipment violation. First the trailer would have to be dropped. Second, proof that the hitch was removed will be mandated by the equipment violation.


Unfortunately Florida is a problem state for HDTs, and the reason was the number of "NASCAR" rigs that tried to get by commercial registrations that Florida retaliated. Again, Florida is the only state where in the Forms and Regulations included photos to defined what is allowed in RV registrations.

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