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FORD - Fire On The Road Daily? :-/


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Hello folks,


Regarding a thread I started here a long time ago, and is now locked: http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showtopic=112163


Just saw this, and remembered it: http://www.thedieselstop.com/forums/f149/fire-consumes-my-13-f350-superduty-588689/


I (hope) I will have to decide in the next year between Ford and RAM for our 1-ton pickup, and seeing this kind of thing doesn't help Ford's side... :-/


Have to keep in mind that anything can happen to any truck (including the RAM:

) and that if it seems to happen more with Fords, it could as well be because they sell more than any other brand.





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There are just so many variables in any vehicle fire. And ANY vehicle,(substitute your your brand here) will burn.


Rats chewing on wire. hoses rubbing through. The list is endless. YOUR diligence to drips, general conditions, (crap in the radiator), looking in the hood, all help to mitigate this. When I check the oil in the morning, I'm also looking for rubbed hoses, dripping fittings, frayed wires, general anything that does not "look" right.


Remember that the millions of safe vehicle miles do not make youtube. How many this Labor Day Weekend? We just went 2000 in the last 2 weeks. 4000 if you count both trucks.

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