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Safety plus steering unit

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Just bought a holiday rambler with a safety plus steering unit. Just wondering if anyone has had any problems due to the unit being installed? The rig has low miles (36000) so I would think the front end components are ok. My first time with a 35 footer but it sure doesnt drive like my old 25 foot bt cruiser. Have to pay close attention to steering going down the road. Is it harder to steer a bigger rig?

thanks in advance for replys

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A Safe-T-Plus improved our steering on both motorhomes we had one installed. But, they do need to be adjusted the first time and need to be loosened before an alignment and readjusted after the alignment is complete. Maybe someone left out a step?

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First trip from the dealer home made the Safe-T-Plus addition a smart thing. I don't think 99HR has problems with the Safe-T-Plus but was just asking if the Safe-T-Plus adds any concerns.


A Safe-T-Plus is not a cover up for suspension problems, it just takes sudden forces ike a wind gust or a tire blow out and minimizes the impact to the steering wheel.


Since there is a shock absorber component as well as springs in the Safe-T-Plus, age could be an issue. 99HR mention 36,000 miles so I would say there is a few years of life left in the Safe-T-Plus.

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I gather that this is a used RV? It would be my guess that the previous owner added that "safety-plus" to the RV because the handling was poor. What is the wheelbase ratio of the unit? If it is less than 50% that is probably part of the issue. Another is proper load balancing. Have you weighed it to know what the weight is on each wheel, or at least to get the axle weights and the weight for each side? RVs that are heavy on one side compared to the other are pretty common and if very much off it will impact the handling. If it were me, I would first have the front end and steering parts checked to be sure that they are in good condition, then I'd find a place to get the weight of each wheel to understand the loading. Once you know these things you can perhaps improve the handling but you need to know the problem, first.

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There is a great thread on the Irv2 forum just for Monaco/HR owners. Since you are at 35ft there are some known occasional issues with these units.

That thread is our go to place for any Monaco related issues with our coach. They are an amazing resource.


When we bought ours there was certainly a learning curve in steering. We visited Henderson Lineup in Oregon and learned a lot about the coach.

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