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August 2016 compatibility definition update for Windows


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Since I have a system with a SSD as the C drive and a normal hard drive for all data etc, I have not installed WA update.

But now I have an update (blocked by me) called

"Update for Windows 10 Version 1511 for x64-based Systems (KB3150513)"

In doing a search on what this really is, the MS support site https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3150513

indicates it is some sort of compatibility check.

Other searches seem to think it is a prelude to forcing the WU update.


Does anyone have an opinion on this such as "does the above seem correct".

Should I go ahead with the WA update anyway?




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That was installed on my system 31 Aug, last Wednesday, and mine is an SSD/HD combo system from the factory. I have all non security updates still deferred, I just checked when I checked the date. So no harm to my system so far. But I do not check every update. I do them all on 9 very different systems and even when I sell all my excess machines, I will have two main Windows desktops and a spare mini hooked up to the TV as monitor in the spare Bedroom, and two Windows tablets. Then still three Amazon Fire HDX tablets.


Were it me I would read that as a diagnostic aid only and it is only offered to systems that meet certain possible incompatible prerequisites. In other words for my systems I would install it since it should help make my systems compatible when I am ready for the WA update. Like my Compaq oldest Windows 7 computer, MS did not allow it to be upgraded to 10 for almost six months and then it was not allowed to get the Anniversary update. It runs 10 like scalded cat with the SSD I put in it, and when they have drivers for the WA update it will get it, as it is not a Pro system, so is deferred by Microsoft, not by me like my main Pro system. And it has DDR2 RAM and a sloooooow Celeron single core processor. It had Win 7 from the factory but was obviously old XP or Vista Mobo and other hardware. Quite frankly, I am shocked it runs 10 so well, and seems so fast to boot and run programs. It boots faster than a brand new machine running 10 but no SSD, just a hard drive.


I should have sold both laptops and my T200 a couple of months ago but haven't advertised them yet. I just need to make time. If that is in error and it does update after that update to WA and you have issues then sorry, I would have too. I have taken every Windows update on my pro main system and deferred non security updates and they have not forced the WA on me yet.


I would still make sure everything is backed up before going ahead.


YMMV, still your decision only.

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While I have had only two real unsolved problems with win 10, I am hesitant to do the WA update because of the SD issue.

After an update (2 ago)I lost a number of folders that were only on the desktop and weren't backed up. Never found a reason for it to happen.

The next one is much worse. I lost all my folders but two in my Document folder on the hard drive. The two folders that remain, are old ones. An accidental delete would have wiped those two as well. Very weird to say the least. Now I have to check all my folders every so often to be sure they have data in them.

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Duke that is weird! Hope you get whatever it was resolved.


My not having the same or similar problem does not change the fact that you did. Sorry you had such a frustrating time regardless of the OS or version. Every one of us sometimes has those self inflicted and OS inflicted, both in my case over the years.



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The only computer I have that is not offering the Anniversary Update is the one that has the combination SSD/disk drive. This was the one that had the freezing issue with the original Anniverary update, so I had to roll back to the original. I have done every update since, but build 1607 (Anniversary Update) has not been offered. My wife's more normal disk drive only laptop updated to the Anniversary Edition a couple days ago, so only my new laptop is left to update.

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