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Anyone in the Saint Paul, Minnesota Area Able To Look At Truck?


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I found a Volvo that before I hire an inspector and get a Dyno done, I wanted to see if anyone in the area can take a quick look at, I am willing to pay for your time (be reasonable now...). You can PM me. Seems OK but I all see is pixs the sales guy has sent. Also I have the VIN, is there a way to get a build sheet? I was looking at another and the sales guy was able to send me the sheet which listed everything the truck had from the factory, 9 pages in all, very detailed. Is there a service to provide this? Looked in the resource guide didn't see anything on this subject.


On a side note, Pat Lester, you and Doug Roberts still hang out?

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OK, great simple answer. I whet to the Volvo USA site and here is what they said:


1.3 Q: I need a spec or build sheet on a truck. How do I find a build sheet?

A: To obtain a specification or build sheet on a Volvo truck you must contact a dealer. Speak with the Part Department and give them the VIN of the truck that you are inquiring about. They will be able to get the information for you.


So I guess I am off to the Volvo dealer.

Thanks for the info.

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Sorry I missed this posting as I came up from the South yesterday. I head back down on Sunday and may be able to check it out then but I do have our truck and trailer this weekend so it might not work. I will be back up Tuesday thru Thursday with a car for my last work trip before moving to South Carolina so I could look at it then. I sent you a PM.

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Star Dreamer sent you a PM, Thanks for the offer!


Pat - This is Bob Lance, I was on the LY Spear in early 90's as Senior Repair Superintendent along with Gonzo, Noah and others. JoAnn and I are, as you can tell from the above post looking to retire soon and looking to get into full time RV'ing. We are currently in Utah but do visit VA for family. Was just there this past May for a wedding.

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Headlights foggy

Small crack in front air dam

Crack in passenger fender

Grille broken

Crack behind passenger side front bumper.

Small mirror on passenger side fender (no picture)

Some rust on back frame and rear axle.

Inner drivers rear tires are badly cupped on inside edge

Has table but no cushions

Has front window curtain and sleeper curtain.

No pads, all brakes are drums, could not check thickness of brake shoes.

No fault codes on display that I could see.

Could not see date code on rear tires which are Yokohama's and look yo be virgins.

Found one date code on steer tire of 3914. Steers are BF Goodrich.

Rusty inverter and engine heater plugs.

Some paint tub marks on back of cab along with missing bolts in center rear of cab.

Small spot of rust on passenger side inner door edge.


See pictures at the following link:





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Oh my, you have found the Event Horizon! How much do they want for it? I am not sure of your budget but you might want to broaden your search area. Much cleaner trucks to be found that have spent more of their time in sunnier places. Then again the trucks that Gregg takes in are from Canada and are usually much, much cleaner.

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