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"Days End" online mapping website

Al F

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For those of you who are not familiar with Days End there is a mapping and route planning online application which shows all the towns which have Days End listings associated with those towns or cities.


Go to this Link to see the maps and places with Days End listings.


Once you are at the website, look in the lower left corner for the input fields. Enter a start location and a ending location and all the places within 10 miles of your route will be shown.


You won't be able to see the details of exactly were the campsites are without being a subscriber to Days End and being logged into Days End, but the website will give you an idea of just how many places are in the listing.


If this sort of thing interests you, as long as your are an Escapees Member, you can subscribe to the Days End listing for the nominal sum of $15 a year. Or as long as you provide the minimum number of reports, i.e. updates, additions or re-validations, each year, the listing is free after the initial subscription.


I am not trying to make this an advertisement for Days End. I just use the listings extensively and think the listing may be useful to others.

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Can you tell me if this site does a good job at giving information as far as what the entrance roads are like , if appropriate for big rigs and may max size if it is limited. There are other sites with probably some of the same listings, but no information regarding size and condition of roads which is of concern when you have a big rig. We are going to try boondocking some this winter in areas other than parking lots ( only have done a few times) but lack of information makes it more difficult to select locations.

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The directions and descriptions of the campsites vary with the reporting.


Some are very good, like these two below where we have stayed.


21 ~15'x36' spaces on asphalt. 15/30A E. Potable W w/ high iron content & bad taste. Restrooms. D & flush W. Restrooms. $20. 7 day limit, out 3 then can return 7 more. No reservations. ~10 mi E of town on SR-4, ~50 yards before county line. (From I-5 x39 at Kelso, ~16 mi W on SR-4.) . Along Columbia Riv. Fishing. Ocean-going ships pass 100 yards from your RV. 360-795-8605. Al & Sharon Florida #86865 stayed Sep 13. Updated by Jack & Dottie Barry #65881 viewed Sep 14.

The above CG is pretty tight, but RV's up to about 38' stay with the front or rear of the RV about 20' from the Columbia River.


Rock/gravel pkg area along Rogue Riv (state trust land). No facilities. Free. No signs. From US-101 MM 328 (S side of Rogue Riv bridge), set trip meter to 0, go x.x mi E on Jerry’s Flat Rd (signed Agness 35 mi) to where rd comes out of a curve into a straight stretch. Continue to x.x mi, counting 6 electric poles on the L (just before rd again curves to R), TL (N) immed at 6th pole & bear immed R on gravel rd stay straight (no turns) on best gravel rd (a few potholes), 0.1 mi to riv. . Room for all size rigs w/ riv access, ahead & 0.3 mi to R (E). Or continue E another 0.2 mi straight down a rd to end, & loop back to L along riv - OK for lg rig, but watch for sandy areas esp near the riv. Drive slow on rocky areas. Quiet at nite, hydrojet tour boats by day. Sheriff patrols. Other rds toward riv off Jerry's Flat Rd (before the 6th electric pole) are not for lg rigs. PHOTO. David & Jill Czaplicki #58885 Jul 11. Last updated by Donna Dinges #48927 Sep 13. Last reval by Clyde W Sisler #109961 Aug 14.

As noted, good for any size rig. We spent 3 nights here followed by 2 nights a week later. We parked with our door about 20 feet from the river. Great view. Very quiet at night. Fun watching the jet boats take the tourists up and down the river.

Photo of the area described above:




I use Days End extensively to locate places to stay. We are coming to the end of our 4 months of travel through Canada, British Columbia & Yukon Territory, including 11 weeks in AK and used Days End every time we moved. We made no reservations on this whole trip, with the exception of when we decided to camp for 11 days in Denali NP. Then we went online about 2 weeks before our expected arrival and made reservations. Thanks to our solar panels and lithium batteries we have only stay in a park with electric for 2 days of the 4 months. The RV parks we have seen run about $40-$50 a night. We have been about 50/50 with free and pay sites, from $6 to $25 a night. Most of the paid sites in the $10-$20 range.


HOWEVER, I don't depend on anyone's reporting to determine if I want to stay in a particular place. I use as many sources of online info as I can find.


Here is a list:

-- Google Earth: to have a visual view of the campground, many times a great aerial view of the campsites. I also use GE to view the roads leading to where we want to stay. On many roads, using GE you can grab the icon,shaped like a man, on the right side of the screen and drop it on the road to see a photo of the road and 360 degrees around. Sometimes that even includes the exact spot you want to camp at.

-- For National Forest CG's I use http://www.forestcamping.com/ They have excellent descriptions of the parking pads for the NF campgrounds. I still use GE to try to confirm their info.

-- If I have a CG name, I will google the name to see what comes up.

-- I use Delorme Street Atlas and Delorme Topo computer maps to plan my route as well. These really help to determine how many miles of narrow paved and/or gravel road to get to the camping area. And you don't need to be online to use them.

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It's really helpful on any review site if folks would write what they are driving to get to these gorgeous spots. Many say "good for big rigs" but one person's thought of a big rig may be quite different from another's. 30' might be a 'big rig' for some whereas we consider a 'big rig' as 40'+. Some folks give good length/access descriptions but many do not. You really have to do more research. One review site does not fit all RVers.

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Can you tell me if this site does a good job at giving information as far as what the entrance roads are like , if appropriate for big rigs and may max size if it is limited.


Some do, some don't.


*Usually,* if the site has a dip at the entrance that would make it difficult for a rig with a long overhang to negotiate, it will be mentioned. Often, the listing will state whether or not it is appropriate for "big rigs," but as 2gypies said, one person's idea of a big rig might be different than another's. However, if a listing, such as the one Al Florida included, above, states "room for all size rigs," you can be pretty sure that's exactly what it means. Note that in this same listing, it also says that other sites are not for larger rigs.


Many of the listings include GPS coordinates, so you can always do a "fly over" on Google Maps or Google Earth to check it out ahead of time.

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Howdy Al,



Some are very good, like these two below where we have stayed.



What an excellent post, I think it should be pinned. I certainly learned a lot by reading it, this is the best description I've ever read on how to use DE (to which I don't subscribe yet, but now certainly will) plus other tools in order to plan boondocking stays.


Thanks for taking the time to write it.





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