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5th-Wheel Hitch Advice needed


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Hello Guys,


I’m getting ready to pick up a Teton Fifth Wheel in 3 weeks and am looking for a decent 5th wheel hitch.


Due to my modified 1996 F350, the standard mounting to the frame with L- Brackest will not work.. A gooseneck, that mounts between the frame will not work either. I Intend on bolting a steel plate across the frame, similar to larger trucks. The Fiftwheel Rails will then be bolted to the steel plate.... I know, long story..


Now the real question : Which hitch? i would like to find one with min 25K pulling rating, so i can eventually mount it on a larger Truck.

I would prefer a single Jar locking type, due to reliability.

The one i found so far, priced reasonable was a Husky 26K Silver series...

Any advice on this hitch or a recommendation?

I don’t want to go with a "cheap china” hitch, but also don’t want to have to purchase an expensive air hitch at this time....


thanks a lot

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Our neighbor RVer had a Reese 20K Pro that he pulled his toy hauler 5th wheel with . That hitch let go twice , resulting in damage to the 5th and a new box for his truck . Long story , but those times happened within a quarter mile of each other and both times every thing was done same as the years past . Something wore or stretched . He ordered a new hitch . Exactly which one , I don't know .

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I've got a Pullrite Super 5th hitch that I really like. It has a single jaw that rotates closed 270 degrees around the kingpin, so there is no chance of the jaws opening and releasing the trailer. I have the 20K pound version, but they do offer a 24K version as well. Not quite the 25K you mentioned, but they are made in the USA and reasonably priced.



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Thanks for the advice so far.

The old Tetons are a little lighter at the pin.

We will be picking up a Royal, and as per spec sheet it's supposed to be around 3000 empty.

I believe the 25k husky is sufficient, but I have no experience with the fifth wheel hitch manufacturers.

I do know however, that I can not go any lighter than a 24k hitch because of a max weight of 23000lbs per spec sheet.

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following along.


I am just starting to shop for a hitch for my chevy 3500 dually. I will be towing our full-time 31' coachman.


With soo many opinions, choices and prices its tough to know where to start.


I dont need the cheapest or lots of "extras", im just looking for reliability and value over the the long run.

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