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HDT registration in BC


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This may or may not help. They call it a Commercial truck as there was no other category to put it in. GVW was including the trailer, 19000kg.


ICBC had never done this before so were having some issues pidgeon holing it. It still has to have an inspection twice a year which is a waste of time and money. I'd have to go to the inspection people to argue the point it is an RV but I may be wasting my time. After speaking to them they couldn't even find a page covering the use as an RV and were guessing.


Sam was the ICBC guy in Victoria who dealt with my situation. He works at the Mackenzie branch. He is a decent guy and was trying to make things work. Just in case you run into a blockhead elsewhere.


Call Tom Tolsma @ Maxam Insurance in Victoria 1 877 391 8809...Tom could explain it better. Use my rig as a reference.


His cel 1 250 883 7070


Let me know how things work out.




On edit, I'm in BC now but the truck came from AB where it was registered as a "truck", nothing more, nothing less. The issue in BC was the truck was air and the trailer wasn't. So with it being over a combined weight of 8600kg.s I had to go with a Commercial license modified to reflect the I shift and total combined weight and single axle.


AB didn't care just needed air brake endorsement.

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