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South and South West Texas?


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You shouldn't have any problem. The roads are good and you will now have cell service all

of the way thanks to the oil and gas industry. I early spring prior to May the weather should also be good.

I travel to Eagle Pass often. Good Luck

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I've got a "road trip" of Texas ghost towns saved somewhere and I think a couple of them are out that way if I remember correctly. If you are interested in that type of thing I will try to find it and put it on the board. We love to explore ghost towns in the western states.


One other thing, I don't know if you are headed west after that but if you are don't travel 285 from Pecos Tx to Carlsbad NM. Absolutely horrible stretch of road. Very, very congested with large oil field trucks and workers. This heavy traffic has destroyed the road. I have traveled better dirt roads in places. Avoid at all costs!!!!!

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We have traveled on US-90 from San Antonio to at least the Big Bend area and sometimes on to Van Horn probably 35-40 times in the last 47 years. It is a bit slower than taking I-10 but more scenic.


Be sure to stop for a night or two at Seminole Canyon SP and take the guided walk to see the pictographs. No tours on Mondays & Tuesdays.



  • Fate Bell Shelter Tour: Take a fairly rugged hike to the Fate Bell Shelter. Protected by a huge cliff overhang, the shelter holds some of Texas’ most spectacular rock art. Tour fee is $5 per person, five years and older. Tours held daily, except on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    • June 1 – Aug. 31: Tours are at 10 a.m.
    • Sept. 1 – May 31: Tours are at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.


Stop for an hour or so at the Texas Hwy Department information center in Langtry, about 30-40 miles west of Seminole Canyon. They have an excellent 1/4 mile walk through a nature garden with all the plants & cactus from the Chihuahuan Desert identified. It takes about 30 minutes to view the plants.


Stop by Big Bend National Park for a few days.

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Also, don't go during the first 3 weeks in March if you want to stop at the places I mentioned in my earlier post. That is Spring Break in Texas and all the campsites are filled.


February or the last week in March to mid April is a good time to go.

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As 2gypsies says I was curious about the border patrol and all those issues. I notice there are boarder patrol check points with in Texas and not only on the boarder? I am use to blowing off weight stations. Is this the check point some concern for RVs?


There will be no way you'll be able to "blow off" a border patrol checkpoint...they make EVERYONE stop!


We've never had any problems going through a checkpoint with any of our RVs.

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In spite of what some news reports and politicians would have you believe, there are NO hordes of illegal aliens waiting to steal your RV, rob you, or do bodily harm along the border. This area is probably safer than staying in RV parks in many large cities.

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