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HWH Springs Kit?

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Not a reply, just some info-

I have found when dealing with suppliers ( in particular Dexter Axle), if you tell them you are a repair shop you get a discount. If'n I didn't have a business (I do, but not RV repair) , I'd get a letterhead printed with some fecus bovum on it and "TAX ID" at my address. They have grapes asking for $133 for 4 disc brake pads.

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Don't want to leave a thread hanging out there! I have discovered after a year of messing with oiling up the rams before each retraction, only to find out it didn't help the one sticky jack I have. I also added a new set of springs to the sticky jack to no avail.


What I have discovered is that if before storing my jacks, I raise them up an inch or two and then punch the store button they will all go up on there own. I think getting the weight of the rig on the jacks and then forcing them to get started it keeps them moving on there own.

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Yep, Winnebago has an online parts store on Amazon. Your jacks should store by themselves when the command is received. Something else is causing them to stall during the store operation. Visit the HWH FAQ page for most answers. One thing that slows jack retraction is an accumulation of oil and dirt around the shaft seals, reducing flexion. Other possibilities are a bent jack shaft/ram, faulty seal inside the cylinder, incorrect oil used; most of these are mentioned in the FAQ section.

HWH says shaft lubrication is not recommended, they are stainless steel.

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