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Bought new for $ 1145 in April; used for 6000 mile summer trip - worked great. Includes brand new "line of sight" antenna as well as Breakaway System, both in unopened packages (purchased these new when I sold the toad that had these installed). RVibrake2 is the smallest and easiest to use auxiliary braking system for flat towing a car behind a motorhome. Unlike other portable braking systems, RVibrake2's housing pushes against the floor pan (the rise in the floor where the driver’s seat is mounted) in the tow vehicle instead of the soft seat when activating. This allowed RVibrake2 to be designed as small as possible making RVibrake2 easy to install and easy to stow. Read about on their web site: http://rvibrake.com/products/rvibrake2-auxiliary-braking-system?variant=8804230277


Bought another larger Toad that already has an auxiliary braking system installed, hence no longer need this one. Hoping for $ 650 but will consider your best offer.post-55831-0-55839400-1472514405_thumb.jpg

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