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TOAD Weight Questions

Bob 4.5

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We are in the early planning phase of our RV adventure (only 4.5 years remaining) and the TOAD question has come to mind.


Our goal is to get a 2 - 4 year old used Class A with a tag axle for our adventures. Is 1000 pounds a big difference in the TOAD weight?


I know there are lots of factors like engine size, gearing, RV capabilities, etc. but assuming all of those are within safe limits with sufficient margin, will this difference in weight be a significant issue for 4 down towing?

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Is 1000 pounds a big difference in the TOAD weight?


1000 lbs different from what? ...not sure what the question is. If one toad weighs 4200 lb and another weighs 5200 lb and the coach in question is rated to tow 5,000 lb, then 1000 lb difference is too much. But if the coach is rated to two 10,000lb, that 1000 lb is not a big deal. You must look at the specific coach in question and it's rated tow weight (GCWR - GVW), and the curb weight of the specific toad in question. And a tag axle isn't really a factor. In the past, some coaches had a tag axle because the chassis was marginal on weight to begin with ...others are in great shape weight-wise.

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Thanks for the responses, let me try and clarify.


I'm looking to purchase my TOAD now while I'm still working and the RV will come about a year before we hit the road. I am considering everything from a Jeep Wrangler to a full size 4X4 pick-up. The curb weight difference between that range of vehicles is about 1600 pounds. So I'm trying to look into the future and not purchase a vehicle that would not be a good TOAD. On one side lighter seems better but then again something bigger can be more comfortable and versatile.


I realize that without knowing the exact numbers to complete the "Motorhome GCWR (Gross Combined Weight Rating) - GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) = allowed toad weight" equation is like shooting in the dark.


I don't want to tow at the maximum limits because that creates many different issues and stresses both on the RV and with the driver.


Just looking for some insights and assistance from those who are doing, and already have done, the full time RV life.


Hope this helps.

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Shooting in the dark is when you have two variables, the GCWR of the motorhome and the weight of the toad vehicle.


You could take the weight of the largest toad you are considering and then look for motorhomes that have that kind of difference between the GCWR and GCWR.


Of pick your motorhome class, determine the GCWR-GVWR number and shop for a toad in that weight bracket.

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I could see this being an issue for you if you are going to buy a class c motorhome, but you should be fine with a large class a.


We just bought a smaller class c (25 foot) and the rear hitch is only rated for 5K pounds. I could pull a wrangler, but a full size pickup would be too heavy (and too much tail wagging the dog) We have a Focus for toad, and this is no issue for the class c.

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