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2008 Honda CRV LX, 59k miles, baseplate equipped

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This 2008 Honda CR-V LX only has 59,000 miles! The car is in excellent mechanical condition. If you’re shopping for a flat tow capable vehicle or just relatively basic daily transportation, you know why this is a great car. Here’s why you should buy this one. Located in Austin, TX. Happy to help arrange transport.


Photos at - https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5d5TMyJtKhIOEpGVFlmdElONVU&usp=sharing


Asking $12,000.


The good:

  • The interior is immaculate. I mean seriously clean. Considering I’ve had two small girls in car seats in the back for several years, this is a minor miracle.
  • Baseplate welded flat tow package. I was told by the previous owner this wasn’t cheap and was also highly prized feature for RV’ers. We don’t RV so I really have no idea how this works but it sounds fun.
  • Aftermarket Roadwire leather kit installed by the previous owner. http://roadwire.com/s.nl/sc.8/category.340662/.f
  • Alpine UTE-52BT digital media head unit (no CD player) with Bluetooth phone and audio, USB, and auxiliary inputs. JBL 5.5” component speakers in the front, coaxials in the back, and an 8” Sound Ordinance powered subwoofer under the driver’s seat - also includes separate volume control. It’s not going to win competitors, but it sounds nice. All components purchased from Crutchfield within the past three years.
  • WeatherTech floor and cargo mats.
  • Texas-legal tint.
  • Oil changed with Mobil1 synthetic 5W20 and Mobil1 filter every 8,000 miles (which is at least 2,000 short of what Mobil1 is safely capable of, but Austin traffic is fairly brutal so I’m cautious).
  • Brand new Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max tires were bought November of last year and rotated every 5,000 miles, and if you’re nice to Discount Tire they should let you carry over the lifetime rotate/balance service and damage warranty.
  • Replaced the leaking power steering rack about a year ago. Handling is light and precise now - must have been seeping for a while before it needed replacing. Service completed by local independent shop.
  • AC blows cold, all accessories work, lift gate struts hold, has never had any engine problems, always passes inspection, which in Travis County includes strict emissions requirements. This machine is as reliable as an old boot.


The OK:

  • Involved in a low-speed rear-end collision several years ago. Damage was limited to the rear bumper cover, muffler, valance. All work was performed by Caliber Collision with photos and records available. The car was never unsafe but we opted to file a claim as there was a police report filed due to the other driver being cited for texting while driving.


The not great:

  • Paint in a few places is slightly mismatched, but overall acceptable. Due to being towed behind an RV the car was “grated” on the driver’s side a few times, then DIY repaired to a better than you’d expect finish, but the color matching wasn’t perfect. Photos included.
  • Previous owner had a brake package for flat towing screwed to the driver’s kick panel, and the holes are still visible. If you plan to flat tow, then I suppose this isn’t really a deal breaker.
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