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Sold - 2010 Montana Big Sky 358RLT for Sale - Sold

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My wife and I are in the process of ordering a new 5th wheel, so we are ready to sell our 2010 Montana Big Sky 358RLT.


We have owned the trailer since it was new and it has been an excellent trailer for us.


The trailer is 37.5' long overall and has a GVW of 16200 lbs. It has the Big Sky Premium Package and the Hickory Edition Package from the factory. I have also made many modifications/upgrades to the trailer since I have owned it. Here is a link to a folder on my Google drive with photos and specification sheets. I have all the original paperwork and receipts for the trailer since it was new. I have also maintained a detailed list of all the modifications/upgrades I have done to the trailer as I did them.


NADA pricing guide has a suggested list price of $85,785.00, with an average retail of $68,420.00 and a low retail of $56,810.00 with just the factory options. I have added a number of large and small options to the coach in addition to the factory options.


We are asking $52500.00 for the trailer.


Here is a complete list of all the upgrades/modifications I have done to the trailer since we have owned it:



1. Added two inch memory foam pad to bed

2. Ran 2nd HDMI cable from overhead entertainment cabinet to TV cabinet

3. Removed RCA (video, left and right audio) cable from entertainment cabinet

4. Installed HD satellite receiver (Dish Network VIP 211K) - This will be removed from the trailer when sold

5. Installed louvered shelf for satellite receiver in entertainment center cabinet

6. Swapped DVD surround unit for Blu-ray surround unit

7. Ran Digital Audio cable from satellite receiver to Blu-ray surround unit

8. Installed HDMI splitter off of satellite receiver to send satellite TV signal to basement TV

9. Installed 2 HDMI male to female port saver adapters with 90 degree swivel in both directions on TV

10. Installed remote extender to send remote control signal from bedroom to satellite receiver in entertainment center

11. Added USB Wi-Fi adapter to Blu-ray surround system

12. Installed dual USB cooling fans in entertainment center cabinet

13. Replaced kitchen faucet with tall pullout residential style faucet

14. Installed window cover on entry door

15. Installed cover on shower skylight

16. Made foam insert for shower skylight

17. Added foam inserts to all roof vents (3 total)

18. Installed screen door cross bar

19. Tested all fuses and breakers and created list of what they control

20. Installed switch on hall switch panel to turn on/off 12v plug in exterior connection center

21. Installed switch on hall switch panel to turn on/off backup camera and transmitter – (Now used for TPMS repeater)

22. Shortened bottom of closet door so would open over entry rug

23. Installed Surge Guard 50 amp protector with remote display on shore power inlet (display mounted on hall wall)

24. Installed Intellitec BD0 remote battery disconnect panel on hall wall

25. Installed 100amp relay/disconnect in battery line under stairs – connected to BD0 disconnect panel

26. Installed on/off toggle switch on hall wall next to BD0 (for plug in basement compartment)

27. Replaced Iota IDP-240B 50 amp panel with Iota IDP-240SB 50 amp split panel (main and sub panel in one)

28. Shortened all wire runs to panel and sub panel and removed excess wire from dead space behind panel

29. Ran new 12/2 circuit from panel box to a junction box under stairs

30. Separated refrigerator 110v plug from kitchen counter circuit (moved it to new circuit/junction box under stairs)

31. Installed ME-ARC50 advanced remote control panel for inverter on hall wall

32. Installed 3 12v plugs on center island for charging 12v devices

33. Installed a 12v plug under bed side shelf in bedroom

34. Installed grounding block for RG6 cables in dead space behind vacuum

35. Ran two short RG6 Coax cables from grounding block to connection center

36. Added TPMS repeater – installed at top of hall wall and powered by back up camera switch - This will be removed from the trailer when sold

37. Replaced bedroom TV mount

38. Added access panel in bedroom closet to access rear view camera connection

39. Replaced plastic vacuum breaker check valve in black tank flush system with brass one

40. Cut hole in upper right cabinet above refrigerator, next to pocket door, to allow access to pocket door track for repair

41. Installed Trav’ler satellite dish control box on bottom shelf of cabinet above vacuum

42. Built false floor to go over top of Trav’ler control box in cabinet

43. Ran three RG6 Coax cables from Trav’ler satellite dish, through roof, down behind refrigerator to grounding block

44. Ran power/control cable from Trav’ler satellite dish, through roof, down behind refrigerator to control box

45. Installed dual outlet plug (in place of single outlet) in dead space behind vacuum for vacuum and Trav’ler control box

46. Installed power plug in panel below vacuum in hallway

47. Installed key hooks in bottom cabinet above vacuum

48. Ran wire through underbelly to hall control board wall and through bedroom ceiling from new rear hitch 7 pin connector to front pin box for Invisibrake warning signal


Propane Compartments

1. Installed a quick disconnect in line T for BBQ hook up in curb side propane compartment

2. Moved the propane auto changeover/selector valve to make room for large propane tank in street side compartment

3. Shortened propane hose from changeover/selector valve to main hard line in street side compartment

4. Added split loom for abrasion protection to hole that hydraulic lines run through to get to shut off valves

5. Installed portable 85 watt solar panel from RV Solar Connection (quick connector is in street side propane compartment and runs to battery bank)

6. Installed key safe for door and compartment keys in curb side propane compartment

7. Installed dual 40 lb LP bottles


Connection Center

1. Installed a 12v plug in connection center (with switch on interior hall wall switch plate powered from fuse panel)

2. Installed second 12v plug with switch in connection center (powered from fuse panel)

3. Installed 2nd coax cable input in connection center (runs to rear wall of basement storage above DVD surround)



1. Installed vent toppers over all vents

2. Installed Level Master bubble level on hitch

3. Installed bubble levels at all 4 corners

4. Installed mounts for temperature sensors from clocks on backside of hitch

5. Replaced wing latches and wing locks on storage compartment doors with larger locking wing latches

6. Installed larger foot pads for landing gear

7. Replaced 1 ¼” accessory receiver hitch with 2 class III custom built receiver hitch (built by Lower Lake Machine Shop)

8. Installed 4 way trailer plug with new receiver hitch and later added 7 way plug

9. Installed flag pole mounts on ladder

10. Installed wind sock pole mount on ladder

11. Installed eyebolt on stairs for dog cord

12. Added a covered generator tray/carrier on receiver hitch (with LED light kit from Lets Go Aero)

13. Installed license plate bracket and license plate light on generator carrier

14. Installed surround sound rear speaker wire connections below each awning arm (one in wheel well, one in curb side propane compartment)

15. Installed sticky hooks for speaker wire and BBQ utensils under 5th wheel overhang

16. Added hanger adapters to rear surround sound speakers for mounting on awning

17. Shortened and rerouted LP hard line that goes to the LP soft line in the kitchen slide for better protection from the wheels

18. Built a custom metal shield to shield the LP soft line under the kitchen slide above wheels (improved upon factory recall solution)

19. Installed sewer hose carrier along frame on street side

20. Built a custom metal storage box for sewer hose elbow adapter and installed it along the frame on street side

21. Added on/off petcock valve to fresh water drain

22. TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System added to each tire with flow through sensors, remote display in cab of truck and switched repeater in hall - This will be removed from the trailer when sold

23. Upgraded tires to 14 ply G rated Hankook Maxi-Vantage F-19 7.50R 16 LT 14 PR 105 PSI rated Replaced see below.

24. Added support beams under front storage compartment to assist with added weight of battery bank (beams cannibalized from old spare tire mount)

25. Replaced front landing gear with Ultra-Fab landing gear with individual motors and 12000 lbs lifting capacity custom wiring and switching allows landing gear to be adjusted individually or at the same time

26. Added Mor Ryde wet bolt kit for LRE suspension LRE 12-001 (Done by Modern RV)

27. Installed hardwire connection from 5th wheel to truck for rear view camera. Connection is mounted on back side of pin box

28. Upgraded wheels and tires to 17.5" 8 Lug Lynx Gunmetal Aluminum Trailer Wheel (8 lug ½” - 20) with Sailun S637 215/75R17.5 LRH tires (Load Range H, 75 MPH, 4805 lbs @ 125 PSI)

29. Installed Trav’ler SK-1000 automatic satellite dish on roof (to replace old KVH dome dish I previously installed)

30. Installed RVLock.com version 4 keyless entry door handle/lock with built in key pad and remote in place of stock door handle/lock

32. Added 7 pin trailer connector at rear of trailer in place of 4 pin previously installed – wired to pass Invisibrake warning signal through to front of trailer at pin box

33. Reinforced receiver hitch to allow towing of Jeep

34. Moved rear stabilizer jacks forward approximately 12 inches to accommodate hitch reinforcement

35. Added mud flaps behind rear wheels

36. Rebuilt MORryde pin box and replaced number 5 rubber spring with number 6 rubber pin to accommodate extra weight of towed vehicle


Front Storage Compartment

1. Removed generator shroud

2. Added plywood to floor for additional rigidity

3. Installed 2 hose racks

4. Installed wall hooks for extra coax cables, BBQ propane hoses and funnel

5. Installed hooks to hang tripod

6. Built custom shelf over batteries for additional storage space

7. Removed 10/4 pre-run wire from compartment to transfer switch for generator prep package

8. Replaced above 10/4 wire with 6/3 wire (a cut up 50 amp power cord) from compartment to transfer switch

9. Added a 50 amp marine connection power cord connecter for generator to plug into on front of compartment under overhang (connected to transfer switch with above 6/3 wire, does not go through Surge Guard)

10. Ran 10/2 wire from panel box to front compartment

11. Installed 20amp GFCI dual receptacle plug on front of compartment under overhang (connected on above 10/2 wire)

12. Ran 10/3 feed wire from main panel box to feed inverter (wire run into front storage compartment and then through wall into basement storage compartment below inverter)

13. Ran 10/2 return wire from inverter to feed sub panel (wire run into front storage compartment and then through wall into basement storage compartment below inverter)

14. Installed positive and negative DC bus bars with covers off of battery bank

15. Installed Blue Sea 3000 on/off switch between battery bank and inverter positive DC bus bar

16. Installed ME-BMK battery monitor with Shunt on battery bank and connected it to inverter

17. Installed battery temperature sensor from battery bank to inverter (came with inverter)

18. Replaced factory solid state 12v 50 amp and 30 amp circuit breakers with resettable circuit breakers

19. Installed new battery bank comprised of 8 US Battery 2200 XC 6 volt batteries run in series/parallel configuration with custom made 4/0 welding wire battery cables. Each 12v pair of batteries has 232 amp/hours of storage for a total of 928 amp/hours of capacity

20. Installed 12v switched light to ceiling of storage compartment


Basement Storage Compartment

1. Installed sliding storage tray (Added at time of purchase by Dealer)

2. Installed hooks on front wall for flashlights, coax cable, water filter wrench, etc

3. Moved light from front wall curbside to ceiling curbside near rear wall

4. Installed coax splitter before wall plate

5. Mounted Sony 40 LCD TV on sliding Mor Ryde mount on front wall of compartment at curbside opening - TV will be removed from the trailer when sold, but mounts, connections and all other pieces will remain

6. Designed, built and installed protective surround for TV

7. Installed 12 coax cable from splitter to 40 TV

8. Installed 50 HDMI cable from splitter in interior entertainment center to 40 TV in storage compartment

9. Ran extension cord from plug on rear wall curbside to roof of compartment above the 40 TV

10. Moved slide out hand crank and spare tire hand crank mounts to center of front wall

11. Built custom shelf rack for DVD surround sound unit

12. Installed DVD surround sound unit curbside on rear wall

13. Ran HDMI cable from DVD surround sound unit to 40 TV

14. Ran Digital Audio cable from DVD surround sound unit to 40 TV

15. Mounted front right, front left and center speakers from surround sound unit to roof of compartment curbside

16. Mounted subwoofer in dead space between frame and exterior tin between stairs and storage compartment

17. Installed remote extender to send remote control signal from basement storage compartment to satellite receiver in entertainment center

18. Installed curtain for curbside opening

19. Swapped location of 12v plug/Coax wall plate and 110v plug on rear wall (flip flopped them)

20. Changed out RV 120v plug on rear wall for residential style 120v plug and remodel box

21. Cut off lower lip of white shield protecting water pipes. Allows it to be removed for easier service access. (Storage tray was installed on top of the lip.)

22. Wrote water filter manufacturer and filter part number on filter housing and filter access door

23. Ran 12/2 wire from new junction box under stairs through front compartment into basement storage compartment for plug (wire run through front wall into the back of a single gang box next to towel rack)

24. Installed switched 120v plug in above single gang box (switched inside on hall wall)

25. Installed 2 12 x 24 16 gauge sheet metal plates on center of front wall to make a 24 x 24 heat shield (for mounting inverter)

26. Installed Magnum 2812 Inverter mounted on front wall

27. Ran 4/0 welding wire as a chassis ground cable from inverter to trailer frame (through front wall of compartment under inverter)

28. Installed ME-DCLD load disconnect from load side of Intellitec 100 amp relay/disconnect to inverter with 5 amp in line fuse

29. Installed service access door in back wall to access Intellitec 100 amp relay/disconnect

30. Cut off angled portion of white shield protecting water pipes and replaced with plywood covered in felt at right angle to gain additional storage space on floor between back wall and sliding tray

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