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Dogs belong on a leash.


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The worst I have seen and heard....

Guy gets lectured by his RV neighbour to pick up the poo from his site. 3 times asking. Then he videotapes the guy while he picks up the dog poop and throws it into the recycling bin with the plastic paper and glass. 

LADY two doors up from our RV in a park model, every evening, brings her little pooch to pee and poo right in front of our RV. She picks up most of it, but gee, why not let him do it in your own yard next door? 


Woman walking her dog on leash in the RV park, he stops and drops a fresh one, she walks off, I call out to her, Hey, you forgot to pick up your dog poop. Her reply, "THE MEXICANS WILL GET THAT! " 



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Right after they pay for the wall??

Every single thing you do has people who do that and are terrible people.  I fly RC planes and helicopters--now the idiots with $50 specials crashing into things are making it hard for those of us who take it seriously (some of my helis are closer to $1k with all the gear).  I like motorcycles--but we have gangs who do too and act like, well, gangs.  I love dogs--many people have them but are awful to and/or with them.  I've run into anti-old-RV prejudice from the wealthier RVers when showing up with my old one.  Etc.


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